Friday, April 19, 2013

Tyler & Elaine: Expecting Baby Leo

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to take Tyler & Elaine's maternity photos for them. I used to work with Elaine, and from the first I ever met her I was always struck by what a genuinely sweet girl she is. She always has a smile on her face, and she's so laid back and easy to get along with. I had never met Tyler before, only heard the adoring way Elaine talked about him. Well now that I've seen them interact in real life I am completely blown away. They just light up around each other! Like, they seriously LOVE being together. They were probably one of the easiest shoots I have ever done because  they were just so happy to be there together and willing to do whatever I asked. And every bit of smile and sweet glance you see between them in the photos to follow is so REAL!! 

We spent the evening walking around the city, laughing and talking and exchanging restaurant recommendations and the weather was just gorgeous. Such a perfect way to spend a spring evening. We even got to take some photos in the park where they got married, which was an unexpected surprise. They are expecting their little man just before their third wedding anniversary. 
Ok, so I'll stop talking and just get to the pictures already. :)

That early evening golden sunlight... love it :)  

 I just absolutely love the one below. So quirky and fun! 

This series of two are some of my favorites from the whole shoot. 

Tyler is in school right now and Elaine is so proud of him! 

 This last one was an after thought as we were heading back to the parking lot, and I'm so glad we stopped to take it, it's one of my favorites from the night! 

Thank you guys SO MUCH for asking me to do your photos, you are such a wonderful couple and will make a great team raising this little one! Baby Leo is blessed to be coming into the world with such loving parents!!! 

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  1. Love these photos. You captured them well. We will cherish these pictures for years to come.