Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Summary

Quick! While it's still December I want to recap our Christmas celebrations :) 

A few nights before Christmas we set out with the boys in the wagon to deliver poppyseed bread to a few of our neighbors. 

This is the third year in a row I've made this to give away as gifts. It is a poppyseed bread with an orange almond glaze and is so yummy! I love traditions :) 

 Friday we wrapped gifts all morning and then that night we took the boys out to midnight gladness (just not at midnight), so fun :) We went to see a live nativity at a local church and then to see "santa"- played by my uncle Chris. We were finishing watching Miracle on 34th St. before we left and I snapped these pictures with the boys :) 

 The live nativity even had a CAMEL! SO COOL! 

Isaiah did NOT like santa very much... that's about how Drew's photo with him looked last year. But Drew did great this year, and even told him he wanted a train for Christmas :) 

Saturday began a stretch of six Christmases in four days. I had worked really hard to be organized and plan ahead so that it would be enjoyable and not stressful, and it was :) I made food for each event the day before instead of the day of, and had a strategy for where gifts went when they came home with us so that our house didn't end up looking like a minefield. It semi worked until we were gone all day Christmas day, but at least it was only one day of pile up instead of four. It was SO nice seeing all of our family, having fun, themed dinners, exchanging gifts, singing Christmas carols. Loved every second of it. 

Saturday we went to my mom's sister's house for my mom's side of the family Christmas. My Aunt is queen of hostessing, a lot of which I'm sure she learned from my Mommom. Her Christmas decor was so beautiful, I took lots of photos (which are not included in this already jam-packed full of photos post)
We had Irish stew, rolls, coleslaw, salad, and for dessert French vanilla ice cream with homemade hot fudge and crushed candy cane pieces on top. MMMM..... 

 Shaun and Drew playing her piano.

They got out my cousin Ian's old train set for Drew to play with. The whole night was very full of missing him for me. Nothing's right without him. Strange how life carries on even without all the pieces. 

All the boys. Pure. Craziness. Isaiah is even upside down. 
The next morning at church was awesome. We had it in the basement with a real live mary, joseph, baby Jesus and sheep, all the lights dimmed, singing Christmas carols and reading the Christmas story.  

After Church we had Shaun's Dad's side of the family Christmas. Sadly I don't have any photos of that, the boys were both badly needing naps and I spent most of my time with one or the other of them in my arms. No free hand for picture taking. It was an italian themed dinner with lasagna, yummy bread, and salad. And of course family that we love. :) 

Not sure when I snapped these photos but here is our gift laden Christmas tree. 

We pulled out our sofa bed to be ready for us to sleep in Christmas Eve, next to our tree. The boys love to jump on it :) 

Christmas Eve day we had a special breakfast just us. French Toast casserole, sausage, fresh berries and juice. On Christmas dishes of course! 

After breakfast we went down to my dad's side of the family. Again, no photos. My Poppop is not doing very well, and my Mommom is trying to hard to take care of him. I spent my time there just being, not worrying about taking any pictures. We weren't able to stay very far into the afternoon but we did get to see most of my aunts and uncles and cousins, I was so glad. I don't get to see them to often anymore.

We came home so the boys could nap, then went to my parent's house for Christmas with them. My dad had made him famous vegetable soup, and my mama made her amazing homemade bread. 

We watched home videos and opened gifts and had the awesome surprise of their Russian neighbors coming to carol to us. 

I love my parents' house at Christmastime with all the lights turned low. So beautiful. 

 Drew and Isaiah love their big present from Mommom & Pop!!! 

Back home again the boys had new pajamas waiting for them on the bed :) 

 Love my little reindeer boys :) 

Not sure if the sofa bed thing will make it as a tradition next year or not... It was not the most restful/comfortable nights sleep I've ever had. What can I say... I'm pretty partial to my own bed. Moving on. 

We woke the boys up early Christmas morning to open presents! 

 Drew's face when he realized he got the wooden train set he asked for! 

After opening gifts we loaded up our car again and headed over to Shaun's parents' house for breakfast, more gift opening, dinner and games (specifically pit!) 

Everyone was together, which doesn't happen all too often. 

(Notice my new purple flats from Shaun!) 

It was a wonderful Christmas for sure. So blessed to able to live close to our families and see everyone this time of year. Busy, yes... and the day after Christmas we all got sick. But I'm thankful it was after and not before. So we spent every day since Christmas watching movies, snuggling, reading, playing with new toys... and I might be starting to go a little stir crazy from not leaving the house in five days, but I think it was just what we needed. 
Hope your Christmas was merry as well. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wishing you a happy New Year

I would have loved to have posted our Christmas card photos on here before Christmas,  but sometimes you just have to let things go... So, here's wishing you a Happy New Year!! 

This was the front of our card, plus our monogram and "Merry Christmas" in white lettering  at the bottom.

And this was the back of our Christmas card. I added the caption "Seriously, have a Merry Christmas" to the bottom of it :)


From our family to yours, we hope you had a very Merry Christmas, and wishing you the best of New Years. 

May you experience the presence of our Savior like never before. 
Rest in His perfect peace. 
Be filled with His unshakable joy,
Overtaken by His fierce and passionate love for you. 
Find faith that comes from the depths of  your soul.
May you clearly hear His voice,
And may He pour out His favor on you. 

The Kauffmans