Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Short Family

I met Chad, Greta & Isaac at our church in the beginning of the year, and they have no idea what a blessing they are! I was more than happy to oblige when they asked about getting family photos done. It was their four year anniversary, and we went to the same park they had  taken pictures at on their wedding day. Only this time, their two year old son Isaac was along. I just love seeing the picture unfold from wedding to family, etc. It was a beautiful, beautiful evening with perfect sunlight and cool temperatures. We started under some willow trees and next to a little creek, and ended feeding the ducks at a big pond with a pretty fountain and gorgeous bridge. 
Here are some of my favorites from their shoot : 

 Natural, beautiful sunlight. 

Candid moment below! I asked Chad and Greta to hold hands, and it wasn't long until Isaac reached back and wanted to hold hands too. Love it! 

This is why I love being a natural light photographer. You just can't replicate light like this in a studio. The sun was just going down behind the willows when we took these of Isaac. 

He loved feeding the ducks! 

Some of my favorites from the shoot.... I think these on the bridge would look absolutely lovely blown up on a large canvas. 

And a quick shot of just the two of them as the sun set. 

Thank you guys so much for asking me to do your photos, and I'm so thankful to know your family!! 
Hope you enjoy them! 

Sunday, July 28, 2013


How have I been feeling lately? Like there's too much going on in my mind and heart to even write. But I'll try. Last Sunday I was feeling..... empty. Poured out. Exhausted. Like I just don't have the strength and energy I need for this season. But somehow in that place of emptiness I find that I'm more full than when I feel like I have it all together. Doesn't make sense right? Let me explain...

In that place of my constant need I find myself relying fully on Jesus. I find my heart in a place of vulnerability and openness where the tears come easily, the outcry of my heart just pours out, the emotions are so full and real and felt. I lift my hands in worship and sing of Jesus' faithfulness and I know that if it weren't for that faithfulness I'd be falling apart. Literally.

I love my beautiful babies, they are so sweet spirited, but OH do they test me... When Drew is pushing the limits to find out where they are, and Isaiah is shrieking his head off because of whatever the most recent perceived injustice that was done him, I breathe in. I breathe out. I try desperately to lay aside my own needs for calm, for peace, for a moment of my own. I die. Over and over again. It's in the dying to self that we truly live right? Sometimes I can't force myself to breathe, sometimes I fight for my own sanity, and that's never as pretty as letting go. Seems easier, but in the end it's not.

But last Sunday, after church, someone gave me a word.... they said they felt like they were supposed to tell me that Jesus will give me the strength I need for each new day. And my tears fell.

In the past week I've changed some strategies around here... Instead of just walking away when one of my boys are having a break down or throwing a tantrum, I go to them and hold them. I lay aside what I'm doing, and I make sure they know they are loved. This went against every instinct I have, especially in this "nesting" season where I tend to become so task oriented. But strangely enough, we got more done this week than any week I can remember as far as making progress in getting ready for a new baby. And I can feel Drew responding to this difference. I never thought about it before, but as much as things are changing for me, they're changing for him too. He's sharing his bedroom now, at three years old he's going to be the oldest of three boys, he's learning to dress himself, I'm starting to give him his own responsibilities around our house. I want to make sure he knows without a doubt his importance to me.

Now Sunday, one week later, I can testify again to the faithfulness of my Savior. I don't feel strong, I don't feel full, I don't feel energetic.... but I feel him being strong through me. One new day at a time.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Xavier is three!

 Not only is Xavier outgoing, friendly, adorable, and a little man who loves to help, but he is also one blessed little boy too. Why? Because it was obvious just from the hour of time I spent with him how much he is loved. It was his godmother, Abby's idea to do these photos. So we did some of just him, some of him with Abby, and some of him with his mom, Courtney, who was also along. 
His "Aunt Abby" as he calls her absolutely adores him. And his Mommy has done a wonderful job of teaching him his manners and how to follow instructions. He actually used the phrase "excuse me" while talking to me, and he did everything I asked him to like a little pro. He was seriously so cute! 
Anyway, here are a few of my favorites from Xavier's session: 

Love, love, LOVE the one above!! 

And oh my!!! Could you get any cuter of a grin out of a three year old boy??! 

 He looks like a little teenager in the one above if you ask me! 

And now for a few with his Aunt Abby! :) 

Trying to catch a butterfly 
And below: watching it fly away. 

And now a few with his mama! 

I absolutely love everything about the next two. :) 

A sweet candid close up of Xavier's baby face :) 

And I'll end with the three of them going exploring. 

Thanks again Abby for setting this up and asking me to be a part of capturing Xavier's adorable personality at this age! I hope you love these as much as I do!! :)