Wednesday, July 11, 2012


So the whole point of this "what I wore" thing is accountability for stay at home moms to put some effort into themselves. At first I thought it wasn't all that practical for me to attempt. (Let's face it, taking care of baby boys and dogs and cleaning and cooking can ruin a favorite shirt. And long necklaces are either annoying or broken by the end of the day. And curling my hair on a daily basis just doesn't fit into my schedule...) But I do love fashion... a lot. And maybe if I don't have to go too all out I can squeeze a little more of it into my daily life. Maybe I don't have to totally sacrifice that love just because I'm a mommy... Hmm... :)

(Linking to The pleated poppy)

Sunday for church. 

Navy tank- Target. Pants-Aerie (birthday gift from Shaun). Infinity Scarf-anthropologie (on sale 19.99). Flats-Ross (12.99). Earrings-American Eagle awhile ago. Sunglasses- anthropologie for mother's day last year. 

I love the subtle pink and metallic stripes on the scarf. 

And... here's a normal day: 

cut off shorts, tank top, crazy hair that had been braided and went swimming and been slept on, no accessories, no make up... Here's to real life :) 

Even though "real life" outfits for me may not be very glamorous, still feels good to make the effort to "get dressed" every day. Even if it's just gym shorts and a tank, I'm trying to be a little more put together/coordinated/presentable. It's not a great feeling when someone stops by in the afternoon and you suddenly realize you haven't looked in the mirror one single time the whole day and you're pretty sure nothing you have on was on purpose... Don't hold me to it, but I might just stick with this little experiment... :) 


  1. Love your church outfit but your "real life" outfit is just as perfect!

  2. Gorgeous church outfit. You pull of those jeans so well! And I LOVE your hair in the second photo. Lucky you.
    Found you on pleated poppy. We have the same name! Even spell it the same way!!


  3. I think both outfits are super cute!

  4. You look FAB both ways! Love the anthro scarf!

  5. you look super cute both ways! love that scarf :)


  6. Thanks for your encouragement everyone! :)