Thursday, April 2, 2015

"Anthro-Worthy Eggs"

So, I got this Pottery Barn magazine with these totally gorgeous beaded Easter eggs on the cover and I thought, I can totally make those. Or at least try. It seemed like something that could be fun to do with the boys. So on a rainy Friday I took my three boys to a craft store in town on a hunt for wooden Easter eggs and a few pretty things to embellish them with. The actual craft store shopping experience was not the most pleasant, and I thought we might not be able to make our purchases before we got kicked out for rambunctious behavior, but we made it. My sister in law came over to make eggs with us, and she is the one who decided that they were "anthro-worthy." I have to agree. They did come out super cute. I know there's only a few days left before Easter, but just in case you want to make some of these cuties yourself I'll tell you what we used.
-Wooden Eggs in various sizes
-Pastel paint colors (pink, teal, green, yellow, purple... if you don't have the exact shade you want mix some white with your colors to make them look more spring-like)
-small paint brushes
-gold & silver glitter
-gold & silver sequins
-glue (Elmer's and hot glue)
Drew an Isaiah had fun painting their eggs and then sprinkling the  glitter over them, and those simple ones came out adorable. I used elmers glue to add sequins and beads in striped patterns to some, and hot glued ribbon around others. 

For our tiniest eggs I made a twine bird nest for the boys to keep them in just by hot gluing it around and around into the shape of a next. We added a little bird clip to it. It's super cute too I just don't have a photo of it to show you. It's Drew's favorite. (Jaden tries to steal the eggs out of the nest all the time)
I filled a wooden bowl with some moss and set my eggs in that and have them on my end table in our living room. I love the soft spring addition of color and texture they are. My favorite thing about them is that they are so sturdy since they are wooden and I will be able to re-use them each year.
Happy egg making!! 

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