Thursday, March 31, 2016

Our Valentines Party (better late than never)

I have about a million things I want to write down and never forget right now, and less time than ever for writing. I took a bunch of candid photos on our traditional valentines tea party and I have blogged them every year since Isaiah was born and love looking back and comparing, so even though its practically April I'm going with the philosophy that I'll be grateful I did this later. I LOVE the way my boys look forward to this, and after doing it as far back as they can remember they know just what to expect... their valentines balloons, various pink and red foods in finger food sized bites, and of course hot tea with cream in the tiny elephant pitcher and this year, sugar cubes (a huge hit!). They spread out the tablecloth themselves this year and helped carry everything upstairs and there was a milk spill on the stairway but I didn't even care, their enthusiasm was just so wonderful. This was the first year Jaden has really understood and been into it, and Miss Havi came to her first valentines party at 3 weeks old. :) So here are a bunch of photos from that day :

Especially love this one of Drew pouring cream for jaden. :) 

 Putting their heads together :) 

so there it was. :) 

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