Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I find winter... un-inspiring to say the least. I've never wanted spring to get here so badly in my whole life. Maybe because I associate the spring with no longer being sick. Maybe because I am craving bruschetta made with tomatoes from the garden, and cucumber sandwiches, and grilled veggies, and corn on the cob... {umm, pregnant? yes.} Maybe because the projects bouncing around in my head involve lots of color, and require me feeling well enough to pull them off. Maybe because I have reached the peak of winter paleness. Maybe because I found some really cute maternity sun dresses online. Maybe because I daydream about eating out on our back porch, or sitting outside reading while the sun goes down. Whatever the reason, I'm slightly obsessed with the change of seasons right now.
Thank goodness for my husband, who finds winter the perfect time to work on projects and has single handedly taken down all the wall paper in our basement, primed the walls, built shelves, is about to paint, and has the carpet people lined up to put extra thick padding down under the carpet to make it the ultimate worship room/family room/play room for our babies :) I love him :)

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