Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nesting Mode, full force

I have just a little over three weeks to go before this baby is due... and nesting mode has taken over. I wish I could be this motivated all the time, except not have the lack of energy/oxygen and large belly to make everything harder. My checklist is quite long, and I'm trying to get at least one thing accomplished from it each day. For one thing I am THOROUGHLY cleaning the house. I started at the front door, and the living room and downstairs bathroom are done. Next up are kitchen and dining room. Thought I'd post the rest of my list on here to help keep myself going...

1. Re-stain dresser for baby's room (go to home depot to buy stain/supplies)
2. Get completely caught up photo wise on facebook/ editing pictures for photo shoots I've done recently.
3. Take some maternity pictures before the end
4. Clean out refridgerator
5. freeze corn, can peaches, can tomato sauce (buy a deep freezer goes along with this)

Then there's the list for after the baby comes while I am on maternity leave. I won't even go there now...

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