Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dedicated boys.

But more than seeing their sweet baby faces side by side I love seeing their uniqueness. Drew has always been so observant, taking everything in, memorizing things. I swear he has a photographic memory the way he relates things he sees with things from the past. People always said it felt like he was looking into their soul, even when he was a tiny baby. He's just got those penetrating eyes. It was always  tough to get a smile out of him when he was a baby. You usually either got a goofy face or a contemplative look. (He is all about goofy faces now, raising his eyebrows up and down, looking out of the corner of his eye, looking shocked or surprised... he loves expression.) He's also so sensitive. If he is doing something that he thinks is good or creative, and gets reprimanded for it, his little feelings get so hurt, and he tries so hard not to cry but usually ends of burying his face in my shoulder and letting it all out... I really feel that he has the gift of discernment, even at his young age. He is our peaceful warrior for sure. And he LOVES music... always has. He started dancing at a young age, and now loves to play Shaun's drum set and his little guitar. He drums with his hands on his legs when we listen to music in the car. He's got the rhythm.
Then there's Isaiah. He is such a sweet, content, happy baby. He'll give you a smile just for looking at him. He has laughed in his sleep since the day he was born, and started laughing out loud on purpose for us before he was three months old. He is so social. If you say his name, talk to him, look at him, he couldn't be happier. He's got these adorable shallow dimples in his chubby cheeks, and his bright blue eyes are such a contrast to Drew's dark brown eyes. Where Drew tended to be a quieter baby, Isaiah is LOUD! Whether it's because he's upset or happy, he is just loud! He loves to squeal and "sing" and just hear himself talk. He screamed when he was first born. God told me before he was born that he was going to be "strong, passionate, and a man of action." I see that playing out in his personality already. He is such a JOY, and a wonderful second baby as he has slept well for us (10-11 hrs straight from 7 weeks on) eats well (he is 19 pounds at 4 months old) is content to just lay and watch what goes on around him, and loves to be snuggled. 


  1. I enjoyed reading about your boys and their individual personalities. They sound so sweet. :)

  2. Thank you both so much!! It is so fun seeing each of their personalities develope :)