Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Jewelry Storage

So for me, functionality and cuteness are equally important. I really don't like having just one without the other. There are tons of cute jewelry storage ideas out there, but it took me awhile to settle on what I wanted to do for mine. (I don't want to have to fish my earring backs through tiny wire holes every time I take them on or off, I don't want it to look like incomplete artwork should I take a necklace out of a frame to wear it, etc... I just knew those things would bother me.) I also wasn't into spending money on this... and total I spent $1.99. Not bad. So I already had this wooden piece that I painted white and used as my base. (I painted it white back in july.. took til now to finally hang it up!) I think it is originally supposed to be used as an entryway organizer to hang keys, stack mail etc. But we already have hooks on our wall for keys and a bin for mail and didn't really have a use for this. Plus in its original wooden state it wasn't a finish I would've chosen. White paint can fix anything ;) 

I used the hooks for my long necklaces and statement necklaces that don't fit in my jewelry box. They worked perfectly. 

In addition to this wall organizer I also have a jewelry box in which I keep my earrings and finer bracelets and necklaces that are small. All my head bands and cute embellished bobby pins are in that glass vase on my dresser. 

On the top center part of my white shelf I have a little silver sequin box that I keep all my regular bobby pins in. And that little silver mercury dish is what I spent the $1.99 on. I keep little extras in that... lip gloss, rings, my ipod.... stuff like that :)

On the left side of my shelf I used a pretty blue bottle to hold my bigger cuff bracelets and a blue cup for my more flimsy, smaller bracelets. Right side of my shelf is all my perfumes. 

I love that my dresser itself is now free from clutter and everything is corralled in a pretty and easily accessible way close to wear I finish getting ready. So that's my jewelry storage solution... I'm sure you could find something similar or a shelf of some kind at goodwill. You can always attach hooks yourself... and don't forget the power of white paint :)

Getting this project done now has me super inspired to get our master bedroom completely finished.... On my list for finishing pieces: a tufted, curved back chair, a tiny crystal chandelier to replace our ceiling fan, and one more bedside light (this adjustable arc sconce in the silver finish- I already found one at the outlet for only $49!!) I'd also love to put a fun circular rug in the center of our room and thrift a tiny table to complete the cozy corner of the room where the chair will be. I'd love for our master to feel slightly elegant and definitely luxurious... a bit different than the feel of the rest of our house. 
We'll see where this leads :)


  1. Hi Jessi!

    I'm a writer for Disney Baby and I'd like to feature one of your images from your Nautical Birthday Party post from 2012 for a post I'm writing next week about nautical first birthday party ideas. I couldn't find an email address for you here on your site, so if you could please email me at info AT keikozoll DOT com that would be awesome - I can give you more specifics and details of the exact image, credit, etc. Let me know as I'm on a fairly tight deadline for this piece - thanks much! I'd really love to feature your work :)

    ~Keiko Zoll
    Writer, Disney Baby

  2. the bottle for the bracelets - love that!