Sunday, February 23, 2014

Winter Outfit Inspiration

So once upon a time I was going to write a whole series on winter outfit inspiration, complete with a list of pieces I think are "essentials", how to dress in neutrals, how to accessorize simply, and inspirational outfit photos. I have three of these posts already started and saved on my blog. But when Drew had his febrile seizure and then two weeks later had an afebrile seizure that resulted in his hospital stay, writing a series that might take a bit of time for my blog totally went to the back burner. My family has been my complete priority. And now February is almost over and nobody wants to think about dressing for winter anymore, we're all so ready for spring! 
And yet this passion lingers.... 
What's a girl to do??
I've got to get it out of my system somehow, and before the season is totally gone. Now posts like these are much more fun with pictures and I don't have that many... so I apologize ahead of time.

What I decided to do is just share the most basic of basics of what that whole series was going to encompass. 
Basically, this past season, I learned how to use pinterest to inspire outfits from pieces I already had, and also how to identify my style a little bit further so that I had an actual written down list of pieces I was looking for to add to what I already have, instead of just buying random things. I learned that I love a mix of neutral colors and patterns with an occasional pop of color. I learned that olive is a neutral (Thank you Stephanie!!) as well as blue in all shades. 

Here's an example of using pinterest for inspiration. I added an extra necklace, a hat, and wore my hair down but I used the basic idea and things I had that were similar to create an outfit I loved. :) 
(pinterest photo on left, my interpretation on right)

As for olive being a neutral, I have paired this amazing pair of pants that I found at H&M in the fall for $10 with a cream sweater, white t-shirt, black and white striped baseball shirt, chambray button down, and oversized gray cardigan to name a few. Olive goes with an other neutral quite happily :) 

And lastly, wine colored leggings/skinny pants were on my list (along with a slouchy, short sleeved white t shirt, preferably with a pocket) and on Friday night I got to go shopping with my sister in law and found both!! The wine colored jeggings have this lovely velvet like texture to them, and they were only $4.98!!!! The slouchy white t shirt was $9.95... and I might have gotten more then one ;) 
Here are the wine colored jeggings: 

 Oh, and that adorable little gold cross-body is an antique, was only $8, and my mom bought it for me on our last girls outing before my sister moved the next day. Super special to me. 

And if you would like to view the rest of my "winter outfit inspiration photos" you can see my pinterest board here

Hopefully we won't be dressing for winter too much longer now! 


  1. wine colored pants have been on my radar too, and those are awesome! where did you find them?

    1. found them on the clearance rack in Macy's! they were the only pair that I saw, but I can check the brand and get back to you!

  2. First of all, I hope Drew is doing better. I used to have seizures as a kid; my mom has told me how scary that can be. Now my twin sister is having them as an adult. I'll keep you and yours in my prayers.

    I absolutely love your interpretation of the Pinterest outfit. True story, I've also used that exact same picture as inspiration too. LOL

    And great finds on the leggings and the top!