Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Antique fan makeover

 Remember this fan?
It is now this fan:

Before & After
I love these old antique fans still in their original neutral metal state if they are in good condition. But this one wasn't. It was rusted and cobwebby and dirty and just not pretty at all anymore.... But I knew it had potential. I grabbed it out of a garage clean-out for free about a year and a half ago and finally gave it its makeover. The power of spray paint. :)
I love the mod/retro pop of cottage color is adds on top of our tv cabinet now :) 


  1. I AM SO JEALOUS OF THAT! I am starting to re do things for Joe and my house:) So exciting! LOVE

    1. Aw, Thanks Kels!! I have been seeing you guys projects pop up on facebook sometimes, so fun!!! It's so cool to have a house where each piece brings back fun memories... :) If you ever find a fan you decide you paint I can let you know how I did it... First hosed it off really good, let it dry, spray painted the blades green (And a lot of the rest of it too since I couldn't take it apart) then when that was dry I hand painted the metal cage part back to silver, when that was dry I covered the whole blade and cage part with a plastic bag and sprayed the base silver too. :)