Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bronson: Senior Photos

I got to take senior portraits for Bronson at the end of last week and had a BLAST. Seriously. Seems I mostly take senior portraits for guys, and I love proving that you can be just as creative with a guy's photos as you can with a girl's. 
We are in church leadership with Bronson's parents, Larry & Nora, and serving with them is such a privilege. They are so solid, full of love, ready to put the work in wherever it needs done... I love their family so much.
Bronson is their youngest, and he has such a steadfast presence of peace and creativity and a genuine spirit that just brings a quiet joy wherever he goes. He plays on the worship team at our church and I cannot even describe to you the maturity of his heart and the atmosphere he creates when he is worshipping. It is awesome. 
He was so easy to work with, pretty much always a step ahead of me and not only willing but excited to go with any idea I had. His sister Kelsey was along too and her creative input was amazing! (Kelsey, you are welcome to come along on my shoots any day!!)

We started on some train tracks (love that there was a train in the background!) and took some of Bronson with his bass, and some of him by himself. I am so in love with how these came out... the lighting was creamy and perfect, it was pretty much impossible to take a bad picture! These were my favs, but there were so many more!

After we were finished on the tracks we walked around the town to see what we could find. I loved the light spilling in behind the town clock in these... :) 

And the wording on this building was too perfect not to stop here for some too :)

A cool red door? Yes, please!

And the lighting against this brick backdrop was perfection too... Love these!

Once the sun was just a tad lower we went out on the docks by the water for a final few. The one below is probably my favorite from the whole shoot. But it's awfully hard to choose. 

And that wraps it up! If you know any one else looking for senior photos, feel free to send them my way :) And Nora, thank you so much for trusting me with his photos, I hope you love the end result! I had so much fun walking around, talking and taking pictures with you guys last Thursday. Love you all so much! 

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