Thursday, December 18, 2014

Blue Christmas

Last week I shared some different red holiday outfits... it seems this week I was feeling the blue. :)
Bright vibrant blues feel fresh and wintery all at the same time.
And forgive me, my mirror needs cleaned but every time I wipe it down it takes minutes, maybe just seconds before Jaden has pulled himself up at it and is banging his sticky little fingers all over it again. And I just might think the baby prints are cute. So look past the smudges please. ;)
Fair Isle print is one of my favorites in the winter time.
Fair Isle Cardigan: AE forever and ever ago
Slouchy White tee: H&M
Dark Jeggings: AE
Flats: J. Crew

This top was a Christmas gift from last year, but was too small at the time and now fits. It is nice and long in the back and has a zipper in the front, fun little details :) It pretty much takes me a year to lose my baby weight. Usually just in time to get pregnant again. And no, I'm not announcing anything! 
Tunic Top: Target
Black leggings: Express
Black Boots: DSW
I've been getting lots of questions on my hair lately... mainly: "are those extensions?" and when I say no then "how does it get so long?"
Thinking of sharing a "hair post" in the near (but probably after Christmas) future... :)

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