Friday, March 13, 2015

Last of winter fashion

Winter is almost over, and spring is almost here!!! My favorite season is tied between fall and the change of seasons. Anyone else feel me? Part of the thrill is the anticipation of the new. I even get excited for winter when it's almost here. (although that excitement is the shortest lived.) But I truly love every season and the things that belong to it alone. This has to be one of the most dramatic winter-to-spring-changes I can remember. On my birthday (March 5th) we had the biggest snowfall of the year. It was beautiful (and we took some really sweet pictures in it) but it kinda felt like winter was never going to end. Then just one short week later the snow is all but melted, it's in the 50's, the birds are chirping, and you can just feel that spring is about to break forth at any second. In these last few cold weeks I've still needed the layers, but I keep reaching for florals, or at least a little color, to incorporate in when getting dressed. 

This first outfit was my fav. Floral leggings with a sleeveless black tunic top under a faux leather jacket.  The black was all winter, the floral was all spring. :) (The first few photos were before I got my hair highlighted, my roots were really grown out but now looking back I kinda liked it.) 

Tunic: Victoria's Secret
Faux leather jacket: Target
Leggings: AE
Initial Pendant necklace: AE
Turquoise ring: Buckle (Christmas gift from my sister in law) 
Black Boots: DSW

This next one was what I wore to go out to Philly for the night. I had fun playing with lots of textures, from the knit sweater to the tulle to the floral leggings and leather boots. Victoria's Secret used to sell a long sweater dress with a pleated skirt, all one piece. I created my own version by layering this long sweater over a tulle dress I already had. 

Sweater: AE (gift from my mama) 
Tulle skirted dress: Target ($8 clearance a few years ago) 
Gray floral leggings: AE
Brown boots: Steve Madden 

The next outfit was actually two different occasions. One before highlights, one after. One before I got my ipod (and was still trying to take the awkward DSLR shots) and one after. When I find an outfit I like I wear it way more than once. Sometimes I change a few things up, but I usually keep it mostly the same. Here I wore the same polka dot tunic and cardi, but changed the necklace and the shoes, and also wore white pants in one and cream leggings in the other (the leggings were more comfortable!) 
Polka dot tunic: Forever 21
Cardi: AE
White pants: Target
(Cream Leggings: Victoria's Secret)
Necklace: J. Crew 
(2nd Necklace: Pearls and Joy etsy shop) 
Both pairs of boots: Steve Madden

Post-highlights... Just an errand day. (Can I say again that I am super amazed at the ease of documenting outfits with an ipod.... ) 

Stripe Top: Ross
Cardi: AE
Black Moto Pants: Victoria's Secret
Boots: Steve Madden 

So excited to be able to pull out more and more spring patterns and colors as the days keep warming up and getting longer.... !!! 


  1. Obsessed with those AE leggings! It's too bad youll have to store them away for a while. PS I think my readers would love to discover your blog-join my fashion link up in my latest post:)