Thursday, March 14, 2013


So, baby Kauffman #3 is on the way. :) 

I wanted to wait until I had my ultrasound before I made the announcement, but it seems I can't post anything else on here until I just go ahead and make this public. I am good at keeping other people's secrets, but no good at keeping my own. This was bound to leak out one way or another if I tried typing about anything else...  

Our little sweetie is due somewhere around October 22nd. I'm almost 9 weeks. I am so excited. And also so sick. 

I hate food. I love food. I need food. I don't want to need food. I can't think about anything I've already eaten, only what I will eat in the future. I'm so very thankful for apple cider. And carbohydrates in all forms. I'm throwing up, but not as many times a day as I did with Drew and Isaiah. 

Shaun is my hero. He has always helped out a ton when I felt like this before, but this time we already have two babies to take care. He is seriously gracious and joyful and caring and tells me things like "thank you for going through all this for our baby." 

When I throw up Isaiah comes into the bathroom and rubs my knee and says "done. done." Sounds sweet right? But if I don't actually be "done" like he wants he starts closing the toilet lid on my head. 

We just flew home from Florida last night. On the flight home Drew let me lay my head on his lap and he rubbed my back. Drew refers to this baby as his sister. We will see. :) 

Isaiah lifts my shirt and says "bebe" and kisses my belly. I think he just thinks we are talking about my belly button. He lifts his own shirt and says bebe too. 

When I found out I was pregnant with Drew I almost passed out. Seriously never imagined the adrenaline rush that would come with my first ever positive pregnancy test. When I found out I was pregnant with Isaiah I couldn't believe it. I thought "I already did this. How can it be happening again??" I was thrilled just couldn't believe I could really be going through it all over again. This time when I found out my thoughts were somewhere along the lines of "Well, it's been two years since the last positive test, of course I'm pregnant again, this is what happens."

So, here I sit, feeling nauseous but so, so excited. And super happy to let the secret out :) 


  1. How exciting!!! Congratulations. I loved the part about being "done" and he really helps you get done even if you aren't. Kids are so loving! :)

  2. "Sounds sweet right? But if I don't actually be "done" like he wants he starts closing the toilet lid on my head. "
    ^ This made me literally lol.
    CONGRATS!!! I had suspicions from your last post if you were expecting again, hehe, so that's too cool that it was true! Your family is so sweet and I am so excited for you guys! Your boys will all take super care of you I'm sure. :)

  3. Congratulations, Jessi! So happy for you! Hugs and prayers from New Jersey that the sickness soon subsides!