Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spring time wear

I have been hugely absent here lately. I'll blame it on instagram for now... I feel like I write miniature versions of what I'm thinking or feeling and share them there and then don't take the time to write the full version here. There are seasons... for everything. I miss blogging so much, and I'm sure things will swing back around to writing again soon. I have so many big thoughts, big feelings, and without the time to write there is no outlet for them. In the meantime, because it's easiest, here's a catch up of random spring outfits from easter to now. 

I feel like spring is the time to wear everything in your closet. A tank with jeans? Sure why not. A t-shirt with a maxi? Perfection. A sweater with cut off shorts? Yes. Please. I love my neutrals and some days am still in them head to toe, only warm weather versions of them. But I am loving getting to incorporate some color in now too in floral prints and bright dresses. In some ways spring leaves me feeling a little lost because there is SO much to choose from. A good problem to have though, I guess. 

This was my easter outfit, except with bright blue heels. (I changed into flats for comfort later, and my sister and I sent each other photos of what we wore... this was what I sent to her) 

white jacket: H&M 
Floral top: Forever 21
Skirt: Francesca's 
Flats: AE
Above is my errand day, take drew to school, try to get dressed quick day typical outfit. skinnies, a t and some fun sandals. (also should mention, this photo was caught by Isaiah when I was running to grab Jaden up in my arms and tickle hug him. I didn't even know he took it til later, and I love it.) 

t-shirt: AE
olive skinnies: H&M
Sandals: AE 

This what what I wore to a bridal shower at the zoo... seriously such a cool location for a shower. This maxi dress is from Victoria's Secret, I wanted it last summer so bad, but it was something like $70... and I don't spend that on a dress. Then last fall I saw it was on sale... for something like $16?? It might have even been less. I was so excited. So it's finally making it's appearance, a year late, but at a fraction of the price.

Jean jacket: Gap (I've had it since I was I think a sophomore in highschool)
Dress: Victoria's Secret
Combat boots: Steve Madden

White pants are my favorite in the spring. This was a church outfit. And I know you can't see them well, but the back floral top has fabulous ruffles all over the top half. 

Shirt: Ross
White pants: Target 
Boots: Steve Madden 

Jacket: Target
Shirt: Express
Moto Pants: Victoria's secret
Sandals: Old Navy

 Aviators: Steve Madden (for $5 a year and a half ago!) 
t-shirt: Modcloth
Maxi: Old Navy 
Sandals: Urban Outfitters 

And this was church two weeks ago. 
I think that was the most recent outfit I took a photo of. The orange was so fun, it's a color I hardly ever wear, but it does feel so happy. :) 
Dress: H&M 
Sandals: Old Navy 

And as you can see, spring time has also meant lots of braids lately too. :) 

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