Thursday, December 3, 2015

33 Week Pregnancy Update

So here I am... 33 weeks tomorrow. In so many ways this pregnancy has flown by. I didn't stop throwing up until 20 weeks (although it slowed down majorly after 15 weeks...) and the intense ligament and hip pain didn't start until October. So I would say September was the golden month of this pregnancy so far. 

So I've never just answered a list of pregnancy questions before, but it's seems the easiest way to document where I'm currently at. So here it goes. :) 

How far along: 33 weeks

Weight Gain: 30 lbs. - and I guess I'll use this question to say that because of my history of big babies my doctors are always very concerned that I might have gestational diabetes. I on the other hand, am not concerned at all. Shaun was 10 lbs 1 oz, I was 9 lbs 15 oz. I think it might be genetically impossible for me to have tiny babies. Anyway, I took the 1 hr glucose test several weeks late this time, and it was 2 over the limit (which is a common occurrence if you take the test later in pregnancy). So they recommended I have the 3 hr test done. But instead of taking the 3 hr test or pricking my finger after every meal, I am choosing to eat the gestational diabetic diet to appease my dr (and because it's just a healthy way to eat in general and won't hurt me and might help baby girl be smaller) so since going pretty hardcore on this about a month ago I started losing weight and am currently weighing less than I did at 28 weeks pregnant. I'm not concerned about my weight at all, I've ended all three of my previous pregnancies within 2 or 3 pounds of each other regardless of my starting weight and am on course to end around the same place this time too. But it feels good to know that my efforts (and sugar deprivation, especially this time of year) are making a difference. I DID have apple pie on Thanksgiving. And oh my was it good. I hard boil eggs and cook lots of chicken all at once for the week ahead to have proteins on hand and all ready, and I eat smaller amounts of carbs consistently through the day and always with a protein. It is taking a lot of self-control. 

Food Cravings: Seems an appropriate place to go from there... My biggest craving is Red Curry Chicken. (Specifically from Wasabi.) And my other craving.... a warm, fudge brownie topped with melty peppermint ice cream.... I WILL pick a special day to have this, but I am waiting until I can wait no longer... :) Also, as in my last three pregnancies carrots and apples are so, so appealing. There is just nothing like the sweet, crunchy, earthy taste of carrots right now... mmm :) And I like milk more than usual. 

Sleep: Really, really rough. Usually awake for a while between 4 and 6 am every night. Baby girl is awake with me then too. Lots of right hip pain. Sometimes wake up in so much pain from my round ligament that I can't move and Shaun has to come cradle me in his arms and lift me to a sitting position. 

Miss anything?: Hugging my husband straight on, instead of from the side. 

Any signs of labor: Lots and lots and lots of contractions. 

Movement: SO much. she is always very active in the morning when i wake up and at night right before bed. And then all day long too, haha. I've been able to see her pushing and stretching from the outside since about 24 weeks. 

Looking forward to: Christmas and doing something special with the boys before baby comes. And finishing the nursery. :) 

Best moment of the week: They all involve the sweet sensitivity of my boys to me during this time... Jaden can tell if I'm in pain and looks at me and gives me kisses and says "orry mommy..." (sorry mommy). Drew will try to help me up if I'm sitting on the ground. Isaiah could tell I was in pain getting out of the van the other day and when I was unbuckling him from his car seat he said, "I can help you carry something, Mommy." And took the coats from my arms and carried them inside for me. They are so perceptive and so kind. I couldn't ask for three better little caretakers. Besides that, decorating our Christmas tree last weekend was absolutely magical because our boys are so very into everything this year. I loved watching their excitement to see the ornaments they remembered again, and the way Jaden hung every candy cane I gave him on the same branch. 

So there we go. Pregnancy with baby girl at 33 weeks. :) 

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