Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Jaden Saylor: Two year old snapshot

My littlest man. His birthday post has been a long time coming. Months before he turned two even I have been itching to record his little mannerisms and quirks. The more you have to write and the less time you have to do it though, the more intimidating it becomes. Sometimes you just have to stomp your foot on your own procrastination and just tell yourself to just do it already. So this post can't possibly contain every single thing that I love about my baby boy, or convey every little remembrance of his sweetness and originality. I don't have nearly the length of time I'd like right now. But I'll do my best. 

It was so fun to take his two year old pictures. We had talked about taking his pictures under a tree full of yellow leaves. Every time we passed it he would say "take, pitors, eddow, eaves?" Sadly it rained most of the days during the tree's peak color, so we came up with a plan b. Just like this post, I stopped procrastinating and just worked with what I had. We went into his closet and I pulled out my favorite orange sweater of his, some little gray cordouroys and sweet white shoes. And then, because my saylor boys LOVES accessories, we added a newsie hat, glasses and a bow tie. Seriously, this boy loves his hats and glasses. (He is so fun to dress because he lets me layer things on him and will wear whatever I pick out.) Then I picked an industrial little nook of town and we took his photos there. I told him I was taking him to a cool place for his pictures. Each time we'd move to another background for pictures he would excitedly say "nother one, coo pace!"

I think these with the ivy are my favorites. 
He is so sweet the way he folds his little hands and crosses his ankles when he is laying on the ground looking at a book or playing with toys... he loves to play with tiny things and holds them so carefully in his little fingers as he sets them up and moves them around. He doesn't get frustrated easily, just carefully goes about what he is doing and keeps trying until he gets it how he wants it. 

His eyes were the bluest blue until this past June, and then they all of the sudden began to change to a more green color. When he wears a green shirt they look especially hazel/green. He is the most cuddly, snuggly little fellow you'll ever meet. He would spend morning to night in my arms every day if he could. He is always standing by my side reach up saying "hold me, Mommy!!" And he loves to snuggle at night. He feels like such a big boy now that he is moved into Drew and Isaiah's room and has his own bed, but he still asks nightly to "eep, mommy, daddy's oom." (Sleep in mommy and daddy's room)  He switches out the funniest consonants in his speech patterns. He sometimes switches c's for m's, even though he can say c sounds. For example he always me when he sees another car coming, and he says "mommy! car mommin'!!" His s's are usually w's. He is so perceptive and caring, and he can tell when I'm having a contraction or hurting. He looks at me and says "warry, mommy, warry mommy, warry mommy" (sorry mommy) until the contraction ends. He loves to play outside, and when he asks to he says "go, pay, outwide." This year Santa Claus was Wanta caus, or if he was really excited and rushing saying it, just Wan Caus. He loved singing Jingle bells and go tell it on the mountain this year, and would just sing to himself as he played. And if he heard the song Hark the Herald angels sing he would follow it up with "Mayee Tismas Tarwee Bwown!!" (Merry Christmas Charlie Brown) said in the sweetest little voice with his adorable bashful smile on his face. Then on Christmas Eve he cracked us all up switching back and forth between his sweet little voice and a hands-over-his-mouth darth vader sounding Merry Christmas Charlie Brown. And while we're on the subject of Christmas, Jaden was so sweet opening gifts this year. He was so grateful and excited for everything he got, be it a matchbox car, or a plain white t-shirt (that he wanted to put on over his sweater right away) or his little backpack we gave him that he filled with all his presents and wanted to wear constantly. I think his backpack and his own personal chap stick might have been his favorite gifts. He loves the little animals we gave him to play with their new barn too. 
He has been so adorable in my pregnancy, he will sit and wait so patiently with both hands on my belly to feel his baby sister move. He calls her by her first and middle name, and his version is SO sweet. There is about no better feeling than kissing his still squishy baby cheeks and getting kisses from his perfect little lips. He is nestled into one side of me as I've been typing this. After nap time each day he needs me to just sit and hold him for at least ten minutes while he finishes waking up and gets his love tank filled. He loves to be read to and put stickers in his sticker book. He has the cutest scrunch face ornery smile. I will randomly find him sitting on the floor next to Zion petting him so gently. Basically, Jaden Saylor is the little sweetheart we couldn't live without. Shaun and I often nudge each other and just point to him to get the other one to watch whatever cuteness he is in his own little world doing at the moment. We adore him. He adds so much sweetness to our lives. 

My Jaden love- 
You are so precious. Our hearts are filled to overflowing with our special love for you, our baby boy. Yes, that about sums it up. Filled to overflowing and completely smitten by you. 

Thank you Jesus for blessing us with Jaden.

I left out so many little things I thought of later. The way he says I love you... Luffoo, said very quiet and soft. My favorite s words that he substitutes w for... wocks (socks) and waywor boy (saylor boy).  And the way he says "emme swee it." (let me see it) How he says "No, I do it," about everything now. How he thinks he is hilarious when he burrows down into my body pillow and takes my spot just before bed. He calls the body pillow a bird nest.  How he makes a much higher pitched sound of the home improvement "eeehhhh?" when something is surprising to him.

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