Wednesday, March 20, 2013

An armful of baby

All I can think about writing today is how it feels to hold my boys. And wonder what it will feel like to hold this new little one next fall.

When I hold Drew he wraps his legs around my waist and puts his arms perfectly around my neck and wiggles his little fingers until they've found just the right position on my shoulders. He lays his head so softly on my shoulder. When he wants me to hold him if he's in a quiet mood he will just come and stand in front of my with his arms out stretched. He knows I can't resist scooping him up. He is such a sweet, calm little snuggler. He gets himself tucked in just right, often holding my hand, and he still falls asleep in my arms every naptime and bed time. I adore it.

When I hold Isaiah, even  from the time he was a baby I have always noticed the way my arms feel so full, wrapped around his chubby little legs and bum he feels so soft and snuggly. He collapses onto me, his tousled blonde hair pillowing on my shoulder, fistfuls of my shirt in his chubby hands. He is a burrower, a tosser and turner, but a snuggler none the less. I can hear the sound of his yawn in my head when i picture him dropping his head on my shoulder.

They sleep in the middle of our bed every night and they end up snuggled together each morning in a different position every time.

Two boys. So unique. So sweet. It makes me look forward to what the next baby will feel like in my arms.

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