Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hello, Again

I've been super absent here...

Our lap top is waiting for a new battery which, Drew just ran down to inform me, arrived in the mail just now. Shaun is fixing it himself, which is our way with things around here... Fix it ourselves if we can figure out how to. And it seems that living with several little boys in one house, things get broken a lot. A WHOLE lot. But all that to say, it's not too convenient to be running down to the basement and sitting at our desk top to write a blog post these days. I just happen to have a few minutes to myself while the littlest two are asleep and Shaun is watching football in the living room and playing with Drew.

I have so much to say and so little time... I'll start with Jaden. He's 1 month old already... So, so hard to believe. Right about at 4 weeks he started sleeping his first few hours of the night in his bassinette. He's a bit particular though... he likes to be double swaddled, and laying on his side on his boppy pillow. Prior to figuring out this formula he slept in my arms in our bed all night. I'm not complaining though, at least he was sleeping between feedings. He is super expressive with the faces he makes and does the cross eyed baby look all the time. He wants to nurse all the time too.... I'm figuring out how to multi-task like never before when it comes to that... He still has his baby smell, speaking of which, I'm pretty sure heaven is going to smell like newborn babies... Just my personal guess. ;) He is adored by his two big brothers and often has peanut butter smeared on the top of his head where Isaiah has given him kisses during lunch... (Drew's kisses don't leave any residue, but he gets plenty of those too)

Isaiah is getting back to himself more and more now. When we first brought Jaden home he would act out randomly for attention. He's talking LIKE CRAZY and saying long sentences and singing songs and making us laugh more than ever. His new thing is that he puts his hands on his cheeks or under his chin when I ask him to show me how cute he is. Then he tells me to put my hands on my face and tells me I'm so cute too. He loves to make lego creations on the floor and put stickers in his sticker book and read books and watch Peter Pan. He pretends he is captain hook. He'll find something to use as a sword and get in this wide legged stance and scrunch up his face and say he's captain hook while swinging his "sword" back and forth. He loves tementimes (clementines) just like Drew did at this age. He says "t's" instead of "c's" and "d's" instead of "g's" and doesn't say his l's yet. He's awake now and just came downstairs to tell me "I ever don't find my sippy!" Meaning he can't find his sippy cup right now. He's got the best chubby cheeks and the fluffiest blonde hair and I just want to squeeze him every time I pick him up. He feels HUGE now compared to Jaden.

And my Drew boy.... He is the gentlest, most tender big brother to Jaden. He is such a leader, and is always coming up with adventures for him and Isaiah. Sometimes innocent fun, like taking flashlights down in the basement to go on pretend bear hunts together, sometimes conspiring with Isaiah to open the freezer with him if I'm upstairs and get out tons of spoons and finish off the remains of FOUR half gallons of ice cream... then when I'm coming down the stairs I hear him saying "Saiah, RUN!" Yeah. Sometimes things like that. He doesn't like for me to leave him ever, and never wants a babysitter no matter who it is. He's always fine 5 minutes after I go, but it's hard to walk out the door when he's crying for me. He loves to sit on the back of the sofa in our front window and watch people pull out of the driveway whenever we have visitors leaving. He loves wrestling, hide and seek and being tickled... And he still likes to snuggle.

There's so much more I could write to remember about each of them, but I don't have limitless time and I'm trying to just jot down the first few things that come to mind.

So, this first month of having three boys has in some ways our easiest transition, in some ways pure craziness. Say for example all three boys are crying at once. The good news is they have really GREAT lung capacities...but you can't even hear yourself think. But I feel like a good summary of the past month has been lots of days spent at home, lots of them spent in pajamas from morning to night, baby snuggles, learning to set reasonable goals for myself and not expecting to get a ton done in one day, lamp light and early dark, loving bed time routine and story reading time, trying to teach Drew and Isaiah to get along better and not fight over the same toy, praying for patience and the ability to remain calm no matter what is going on around me, and reminiscing about the newborn stage of each of my boys. I feel like these couple of photos sum up our first few weeks in my mind:

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