Monday, November 11, 2013

Jaden's Name

I thought maybe by our third boy we'd be running low on boy's names we loved... Not the case. I love everything about Jaden's name, from the meaning to the way we chose it.

Jaden Saylor 

Drew actually chose the name Jaden. We were on facebook and he loves to look at pictures of other kids. There was a picture of a little girl named Jade and Drew asked who she was. I told him her name and he said he liked it. I randomly said that a boy version of that name would be Jaden, and Drew immediately said "Oh! let's name the baby Jaden!" (At the time he had very passionately turned down any of our name suggestions and his only other contribution had been the name Horton, after watching Horton Hears a Who.) As soon as he said Jaden I loved it and I called to Shaun in the other room to tell him Drew's suggestion. He immediately loved it too (and he never jumps to opinions on names so quickly). I looked up its meaning. Hebrew origin; Jehovah has heard. Sold. 

As for Saylor, I had originally wanted to use it as his first name but thought it sounded too similar to Saiah and Zion and that I'd constantly be saying the wrong name. So we decided to use it as the middle name. it has a lot of significance because of the prophetic words we got over Jaden during my pregnancy. Almost all of them had to do with water. I kept getting a picture oof Jesus calming the storm or walking on the water, and just really felt like Jaden will bring calmness, peace and clarity to chaotic situations and stormy circumstances. My dad felt like the Lord said he will be Healing Rain. And my friend Bethany said she felt like he was going to be a quiet light and would lead people to Jesus without even having to say anything. I kept picturing a lighthouse the whole time she was talking. Shaun chose the spelling for Saylor. 

I really feel like our new little guy is going to have an insightfulness and wisdom beyond his years that will come from the Lord. I just pray destiny and vision over his life that he will walk in his calling and be used mightily by the Lord to lead people out of dark storms and into peaceful light. 

Baby boy, I pray your lips will always speak truth in love, that your feet will walk in paths of righteousness, and that your ears will hear the voice of the Lord from a young age and follow God's calling on your life. 

I am so in love with you, Jaden Saylor, my sweet little peanut. 

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