Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas House 2013

Christmas 2013. Jaden's first. This year has been so much fun with Drew and Isaiah getting a little older and being SO excited for every little piece of Christmas tradition. Drew seriously was ecstatic to set up our Christmas tree, both of them had a blast running around the tree farm we went to with my parents, and they both have been singing frosty and Rudolph the red nose reindeer and jingle bells and happy birthday Jesus together morning to night every day it seems... We've gotten two snows already and it's snowing again now and that just makes it all even more magical :)
 So here's our Christmas House...
Two things I decided this year as far as d├ęcor goes... To try to keep it simple and natural, and if I don't love it, I'm not using it. (You know, like that table runner you have, but don't really have a good spot for, since you have something else already on the table... don't force it to be used somewhere else... or that garland that you hate, but hey, it's a Christmas decoration, and you already own it, so you have to find somewhere to drape it.... right??? wrong! At least that was my mental dialogue this year.)

I love hanging these gold ornaments out in the tree in our front yard each year. Last year we had a spotlight shining up into the tree at night. But the bulb burnt out. And we didn't buy a new one. (Keeping it simple...)

I used lots of different evergreen branches from Shaun's parents' house in my decorating, and we used real garland on our porch too... Love it so much for than the fake!

So, so cozy at night... the pictures never do it justice.

We usually hang strands of white lights along the roofline of our house, but it just didn't happen this year... random last minute thought I decided to frame our living room window with them inside :)

Living room in the day light. Decorated with real greens, white candles, and some fur accents... 

Favorite "mantle" ever... And so simple. I made the sign just before Thanksgiving, and Drew even helped me paint the canvas black and rub the chalk on. I made it using the same process as I did here. Inspired by a pillow sold by Pottery Barn. But if you read my last post, then you know it's a lot more than just a pretty sign to me. 

My nativity is up on top of our tv cabinet, partly because it's a nice surface space for it and partly because it is safe from little hands there... ;) 

See that beautiful, gigantic basket tucked between the cabinet and the chair?? I am in love with it for the fact that it holds all our throw  blankets and isn't overflowing even if I don't fold them... I had been wanting one like this for a while. Finally found it for 19.99. (And it was at Home Goods!) 

And that beautiful wreath that's peeking into every picture and making them all look more festive cost me $2 to make. I got a green wire wreath form from AC Moore, some fun ribbon, free ever green branches and pom pom yarn I already had and this was the result. Love, love, love. (Also, it's hot glued to the ceiling.... yeah.)

If my computer was not being ridiculous right now and not letting me upload any more images I would show you the two end tables in the living room as well. All I have uploaded is this one close up shot of one of them though. I used real furs that I've had since I was in second grade I think, layered them on the table, filled a wooden bowl with nuts and got the lovely textures and natural colors I was going for super easily. There's also a $3 grocery store white poinsettia on the table as well. 
(I moved the little glass jars with more ever green branches in them to my window sill over the sink in the kitchen)

Dining room buffet. I would have loved to have a little live Christmas tree here again this year.... But I have a new baby, and three kids now... so... keeping it simple and letting things go... ended up using leftover branches from the wreath project and put them in a fun big glass jar I found in Shaun's great aunt's garage last year, and tied some of the ribbon from the wreath project around it in a bow. 

Our basement family room is where we set up our tree and hang our stockings. I took pictures of those as well but can't get them to upload right now either... :( But, since I'm letting things go, I'll post this anyway. Maybe I'll add those photos later if I can. 

Merry Christmas!! 

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  1. I love your hanging wreath on the ceiling!! Is it attached to a ceiling light? Your decor is simple but very beautiful and elegant! Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!