Friday, June 5, 2015


A Friday night announcement from the Kauffmans:

Baby Number Four is on the way!!! 
Due January 2016

This explains the strawberry shortcake for lunch, the emergency trip to pizza hut in a thunderstorm the other night, my dad coming over to make us fried ham egg and cheese sandwiches for breakfast this morning, and the fact that I almost threw up when I saw Darrenkamp's sign advertising "boneless skinless chicken breast" on the drive to the doctor today. (You should know that I've been eating apple, clementines and bananas too, and had a salad for lunch today...) Might also explain a bit of my crying literally ALL day on Drew's last day of pre-school (I found out I was pregnant two days later) and the fact that I've been enjoying these rainy chilly days in June... perfect for afternoon naps! 

I got to see my little peanut on the ultrasound screen this afternoon.  I am so thrilled about this new little life, so excited to find out more about who this is growing inside me. 

While I was getting ready to go to my doctor appointment this morning Isaiah walks into my room as nonchalant as can be and says "heeeyyy muffin booty." 

I can only imagine the new dose of personality that will be added to our family come January :) 

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