Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer Capsule Wardrobe for my Drew bug

I've done a few of these posts in the past, where I show you a capsule of everything I bought Drew for one season. (I show Drew's clothes because he is the only one I am buying everything for, Isaiah and Jaden are getting hand me downs with a few new addition or some things to replace what's totally worn out) It's a little late this year, I always do their spring/summer shopping at the beginning of April, but I just didn't get around to sharing until now. Besides just showing each item I bought this time I also show all the different ways he can wear one pair of shorts to give an idea of how you can really make a small wardrobe go far.
In case you aren't familiar with my summer shopping list, here it is again:
5 t-shirts
3 pairs shorts
3 tank tops
2 pairs of gym shorts
2 dressy shirts
A bathing suit
2 pairs of pajamas
slip on shoes
(sunglasses if the ones from the year before are broken or lost)
Here are his five t-shirts, with the addition of the sixth with the dinosaurs on it from Mommom:
I bought him dark gray, denim and seersucker shorts and then cut off an old pair of brown pants we already had to make another pair for him: 

Here are his three tank tops (some were purchased way on sale at the end of last summer and saved til this year):
And his two pairs of gym shorts:
These are his two button downs (he wore the green one for Easter and the red one is great for summer or through the fall and winter and has sleeves that can be buttoned up or rolled down):
I bought his bathing suit on sale at the end of last summer and just re-used his rash guard from last year with it:
And as per tradition, Drew picked out his own pajamas. He chose a dinosaur pack this time. Of course :) 
Flip flops and slip ons: (and yes, the sandals were new and have already gotten that much wear)
Ok, so just for fun, I thought I'd show you some of the different outfits you can make just with one pair of shorts. I just randomly chose the dark gray, but I could make just as many using any of the other pairs.
He could wear the gray shorts with either of these tank tops and flip flops, and sunglasses on kids are always my favorite: 
Maybe my favorite combo, I love this light gray t-shirt with the dark gray pocket, the gray shorts, and his slip on shoes: 
Either of these striped t-shirts is great with the gray shorts and flip flops: 
And I love this vintage looking t with them as well: 
Drew specifically chose the tiger shirt and loves it, so this would probably be his favorite combo: 
So there are seven different outfits with one pair of shorts.
The only t-shirt I wouldn't put with them is the dark gray V-neck. That one looks great with the denim or the seersucker shorts though. Here it is with the seersucker two different ways:

So with a little layering even the same t-shirt and shorts can have a totally different look. 
I've said it before, but when it comes to dressing my boys, less is more for me. I don't have the mental capacity to remember a million different choices for all three of them. Having everything be a little on the simple side and the fact that it all fits in one drawer is so helpful for me. And because most things are all interchangeable means that even if I need to do the laundry there is most likely still something that can be worn together left in the drawer.
I've also explained before, but I like to buy new and quality things for Drew since all three boys were born at the same time of year and whatever I get will be getting handed down through two more boys. Pretty much everything you see here was bought at gap during their 40% off friends and family sale. A few things came from the Carter's outlet, and one tank was from the Children's Place outlet.  Most of the time I am not replacing anything that's worn out until the clothes get to Jaden, I just add in a new t-shirt or two for Isaiah.
Anyway, if you have little boys, I hope this post is helpful for you!!

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