Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Coleson Isaac

Oh my.... The precious newborns in my life. Coleson means son of victory. And this little boy was the victory of his mommy and daddy's prayers for him from day 1. 

Bethany went into pre-term labor at 20 weeks. That's half way through pregnancy. That's scary. It takes a faith that can move mountains, a ton of prayers, the grace of God, and a peace that surpasses understanding to contend for a full-term pregnancy after that. Bethany was on bed-rest for the next 17 weeks, conquering milestone after milestone, going into labor several more times and being in the hospital way too much, but always coming home still pregnant, with another small battle won in the huge war they would fight to see her pregnancy through to the finish line. There are so many small details and mini-miracles and emotions that I'll never be able to put into words for them here, but I can tell you that none of her Doctors ever thought she would make it to within 5 days of her due date, but she did. And they came home with a healthy, full-term, handsome baby boy. A son of Victory. 

Trials can be the end for some people. Or they can refine you, make you stronger, and show you just how solid the foundation is on which you stand. Todd and Bethany both have said that although they would never want to go through something like this again, their marriage is stronger, their faith is stronger, their testimony is amazing, and they experienced a peace that can only come from God throughout the battle. 

Coleson is so precious and such a perfect addition to their family. I just have to add here too that Izzy's headband, both of Coleson's hats and his green blanket were all made by Bethany, a talent she had before, but took to a whole new level while on bed rest during her pregnancy with him. :)

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