Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mourn with those who mourn

Romans 12:15 "... rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn..."

If you are local you have probably heard the news. It is wrecking my heart over and over.
I have a hard time exposing myself to heartbreak if it is not carried by someone I know personally. But we are told to mourn with those who mourn. Mourning is a season that assuredly comes in life.... but hallelujah it is a season, and our God is a redeemer, a restorer, and He brings beauty from ashes. Promises to cling to in the darkest of times.

A family about the same age as Shaun and I entered a nightmare Friday morning. We don't know them well, Shaun played softball with the father, and I had a conversation or two with the mother when we visited my parents church when dropping my kids off in the nursery. They had three children, two boys and a girl. But friday morning their little daughter, just a few months younger than Isaiah, was riding in an enclosed cab tractor with her daddy when the door latch was somehow pulled and she slipped from the cab. And in those terrifying moments her precious life on earth ended and her time in eternity began, and I can't even begin to imagine the gut wrenching horror and devastation her mommy and daddy are experiencing.

My heart has never broken so fully for someone I barely know before... I woke up Saturday morning crying for them. I wept all through worship this morning for their dear family... They are never far from my mind and I just keep lifting them in prayer, hoping that they can feel the way the community is desperately trying to bear their burden with them, and praying strength and comfort over them. There are so many who have been so deeply impacted by the loss of little Avah. It takes a mighty healer to care for such a deep wound. I am thankful our God is so faithful to bind up the broken hearted. Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. My mom was at the viewing this afternoon and said she's never seen so many people. The lyrics to this song are especially meaningful right now:

"You satisfy my soul
You satisfy my soul
You satisfy my soul
With Your love

You make my heart sing
You lift me on eagles wings
Just when I thought that my heart it would faint
You take the darkest night and turn it to shining light
Just when I thought that the night had won

Hallelujah, You make all things beautiful
Hallelujah, trials and testing prove there’s gold
Hallelujah, You turn mourning into joy 

sometimes you gotta sing your way into the truth..." 

God is good. All the time. And He works all things for good for those who love Him. And He will never leave us or forsake us. That is the truth, and it is unshakeable, a rock and a steady place to stand when everything else is shaking and falling apart and full of confusion. 

I was sitting on the floor this morning trying to put all my boys shoes on. I was feeling quite large and pregnant. Jaden didn't want to be anywhere but my lap even when I was trying to put Drew and Isaiah's shoes on, and he kept kicking his boots off after I would get them on. A situation that could easily have turned to frustration, or exhaustion or maybe stern words about behaving and sitting still... but all I could think is how grateful I am to have this pile of boys pulling on me and sitting on me and kicking off their shoes and climbing over each other and complaining about their socks not feeling right. Oh God, that the small things would be kept in perspective, that the big picture would be ever present, that our gratefulness for the life around us would never be far from our minds.... I started talking in a silly accent to them, diffusing the craziness by adding my own, and even as I made them giggle the tears were clouding my eyes as the motivation for my actions was so very clear to me... to think of a family in such close proximity to us mourning a beloved child.... how could my reaction to my clamoring babies be one of frustration this morning? 

Jesus, God, Abba Daddy... I know your heart is breaking too. God you feel. You are full of emotion and passion and desperate love for us. And you care. We thank you Jesus for your promises to comfort... to never leave... to hold us close and deliver us. To redeem the most horrendous situations. God be glorified through this. And Jesus I speak supernatural peace over their family. Help them cling to your truth. Make them strong in you. Let them press into your love. Jesus I declare that "this tragedy is not their identity, and that there is life to the full still ahead for them." Jesus hold sweet Avah close. And bring comfort where it seems impossible. 

It costs us more to stop hoping than to keep hoping. 

Please lift up this precious family in your prayers. 

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  1. Beautiful and life giving words! So heart wrenching to see them go through something so devistating! Thanks for sharing this!
    Mary jo