Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Isaiah Matthew: 4 year old snapshot

This is way late, but better late than never. I haven't been able to find much time for writing lately, but I am determined to try to change that. I've done a post about each of my boys near their birthdays the last few years. So Isaiah turned 4 August 31st. It's high time I write a little something about this boy that I am so privileged to call mine. My middle son. There is no one else like him. 

He loves the park, whether it's going down the big curvy slide or swinging on the swings or feeding the fish in the pond... So one morning we fit in a special trip there for some four year old pictures. 

Those green shorts are his favorite. He is so particular about clothes, and has been since he was two. He's getting better about just putting on what I lay out for him in the morning without arguing (much) anymore, but he always prefers jeans over sweatpants, and he likes shirts that look like what Shaun would wear... v-necks and henleys and plain grays or stripes... the kid has fashion sense I tell you. When I have questions about what to wear I ask him. And he loves to be in the spotlight making people laugh. He says the funniest things. And he was so much fun to take pictures of, his little mannerisms are so photogenic. 

He has a perpetual problem with his little hiney crack showing. He loves to eat meat. And fruit and cheese. But he really likes meat. He says red and green and orange and white are his favorite colors. He loves to go places. He is always asking where we're going each day. Church and his grandparents and aunts and uncles houses are favorites for him. He has this cute sounding little cartoon voice where he talks all high-pitched and raspy when he is really excited about something. He has two volumes, loud, and louder. He is super passionate and excited about He has been writing his name since he was three, and knows all his letters and numbers. He wants to keep up with everything Drew does. He is independent and tries to do things himself. Whether it's making a cheese and mayo sandwich (something he learned from Shaun, not me) or putting on his own shoes or geling his own hair... he just wants to try to do it himself.
I have honestly never been more proud of him than I am in this season.... since Drew started school especially, but even before that, he is just the best helper. Anything I ask him to do he does right away, and does a great job. He feeds his fish, who he named Little House, he feeds Zion, he gets the mail, he carries in groceries and unpacks the bags... the other day Jaden dumped a card game all over the living room floor, and I asked Isaiah to clean it up. He not only stacked the cards perfectly in their tray and put it back in the box, but he put the box back in the cabinet too. When he plays he is organized and gets all the pieces to whatever toy he is playing with first, parks his tractors in neat little rows, lines up his matchbox cars, and can play for hours giving cute little voices to his different toys and imagining all kinds of plots and battles and dramatic situations.... I love to listen to him play.
He dreams a lot, (probably gets its from me) and tells me his crazy dreams most mornings. He was sure this baby that I'm carrying was a baby sister, and he was right. Sometimes he tells me there is another boy coming after this girl. When we asked him recently if he was excited to get bunk beds in their room he said yes. "Because then Drew won't pee on me anymore." He blurts out the funniest things like that all the time. He pulls the crazy stunts and crashes into things and jumps up and says "that didn't hurt!!" and goes running back for more. When he's wrestling, expect to hear him yell phrases like, "ahhhhh! ya got me right in the hangnail!"
One thing we really had to work on was him retaliating and really hurting someone if they made him mad. (I call his feet sledgehammers... he doesn't know his own strength sometimes) I kept telling him, "if someone does something to you, come get mommy, and I will take care of it..." I don't know why it finally clicked, but it did, and he does an AMAZING job of walking away from his brothers, both bigger and littler, if they are instigating, and coming to get me. I am so proud of him for all the times he doesn't do anything back when Jaden messes up what he's working on, or when Drew is being a typical older brother and antagonizing him... that's not to say that they don't play really well together too, or that it's not sometimes Isaiah who is the one starting the fiasco, just, they all have their moments.... :)

He is full of the sweetest smiles and snuggles and gives the biggest, most wonderful hugs.He comes at you with his arms wide open and then grunts while he squeezes your neck with all his might.
I love when he comes into our room in the morning to climb into bed and get all cozy next to me and he says in his little smiley voice, "you're so warm mommy!"
I can not imagine life without Isaiah. I hope he always knows the treasure he is to our family.
We love him so.

Happiest fourth year to you, baby. 

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