Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Touring our Home: Master Bedroom

I took these photos of our master bedroom months ago, back when I thought I would post our whole house tour over a matter of a few weeks, before the fall was over. Now it's January. But that's ok. I'll keep on going and even if it takes another month or more it's alright with me. :) 

This is what our bedroom did look like. I still love the blues, but the duvet cover and pillow cases were wearing out, holes were appearing, and it was time to refresh. There's one photo of the new pillow shams at the end. The long term plan is to get memory foam contour pillows, a thicker, more high quality down comforter, possibly a new duvet cover (but I also like the white down comforters plain too) and replace our matresses. The matresses, thinner comforter and euro pillow shams will eventually be in the boys' room. One little step at a time. :) 

The chest at the foot of our bed is wonderful extra storage since we just have a small, standard. Bulky items like sweaters, sweatshirts, extra bags and seasonal clothing get stored in there. It used to be the wood box in Shaun's family farms' kitchen years ago. 
My end table. I have this theory about functional beauty. If I have to have an item in my home, and it is something useful and functional, it would be just be an all around win if it could also be beautiful. This phone is a prime example. It was my birthday gift from my sister in law last year. I didn't have a cell phone for over a year, maybe it was two, and so we really depended on our house phones. We still use them a ton, and I just love the beauty of this phone by my bed :) This was also taken back when my little bonsai tree was flourishing. Poor guy has dropped almost every leaf since then, but I am trying to convince him to hold out for spring when he can go out on the back porch and be happy again. And I love these Homegoods metallic frames that hold photos of Shaun and I in them. 
Shaun's end table. I wanted to buy him a nice one for his birthday in 2013, while I was pregnant with Jaden. I walked into goodwill, they had this brand new one from target for sale for $25, with price tags of 89.99 still attached. I bought it right away, and a kind soul helped me get it to my car since I was quite large with child (story of my life) and had two toddlers along. I am so thankful every time I look at it for such a great deal and the kindness of that woman, who carried it to my car in exchange for me holding her coffee while she did it. 
I have two little journals hanging from clipboards next to my bed. They don't get as much use as I thought they would, but they are still convenient and nice to have. One is to jot down goals and have as a visible reminder. The other is to write down outfit ideas. (May sound silly but when you're in a rush to go somewhere and have a brain block on what to wear, it is so helpful!) 
This is my dresser. I keep all t shirts, sweatpants, shorts, leggings, socks, tanks, pajamas, etc in the drawers. And I love my entryway piece (for keys and mail) turned jewelry organizer that we painted and hung next to it. 
I would love to replace that fan. But... priorities. And it isn't one right now. 
Again with the functional beauty... my wooden hair brush is my favorite one ever. And that little amber roller bottle of peppermint oil. Not just cute, but helped me tremendously with the headaches I got during this pregnancy. (Thank you Chrissy!!!) 

This little corner is my favorite. I love this chair. I hunted for it for a few years before I found it and committed. It is so comfy and very cozy to sit and read in at night, or just to have a place to sit to put my shoes on. I hold my boys and read to them here, I imagine I will nurse my girl here on occasion, and I sometimes sit in this space when planning out my week or menu.  Some of my favorite photos of Shaun and I are in those frames, and the shadow box has the slippers, jewelry and flower I wore in my hair on our wedding day inside.

The top of Shaun's dresser is always a mess. I don't have any idea how to organize it, and so I have kind of given up trying. He knows what's there, and I just leave it alone. :) 
Keeping it real... This is our messy space. It always looks like this or worse. Shaun doesn't like his work clothes to mix with his regular clothes. For now, hooks are the solution, and again, he has a system I don't quite understand for rotating what's in the laundry basket and what's on the hooks. And because my side of the closet is too full to also hold my scarves, they are all hanging on the hooks as well. I'd love to come up with a "functionally beautiful" storage situation for his work clothes too, but again with the priorities, and I'm about to have a baby right now. :) 

For Christmas I took down the fabric garland hanging above our bed and this wreath and "&" marquee took it's place. I ended up loving the fabric garland for over our baby girl's crib, so it went in there, and after Christmas the wreath came down, leaving just the ampersand.
 I love the simplicity of this tiny piece of art and the neutral colors and patterns of the new pillow shams and the stripped comforter. So that is where we are at right now. Whenever the boys come in to snuggle in the morning Drew always turns the lights on over the bed and I think it is adorable :) 

I just recently finished the nursery, so depending on when I go into labor, I might get to post photos of that sometime in the near future, and I can't wait to share how it came out!!! 

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