Sunday, January 10, 2016

What to pack in your hospital bag for labor & delivery

This is my fourth time packing for the hospital to go and meet a new sweet little babe. I thought I'd just take a minute to compile a list of what I take with us! 

For the actual labor process you don't need a lot, but I do prepare for it a little. I usually have a change of clothes and a big pad sitting near my bed in case my water breaks or I go into labor in the middle of the night. If my water doesn't break while at home, the pad goes with us in the car on the way. Packed in my bag are whatever music I want to listen to during the process (you can either make a play list on your ipod or laptop, or you can just choose a cd, but music was incredibly calming and helpful for me while I was in labor with Jaden.) I also pack either a back massager or tennis ball for Shaun to use on my back to help while I labor, and a sports bra to wear in case I want to get into the jacuzzi tub without being completely naked. Depending on where you deliver you might want to take candles or oils to diffuse, etc. Whatever scene you want set for the delivery of your baby. Beyond that, everything else I pack is for after baby is born. I take two nursing tanks and a comfy pair of leggings or stretchy yoga pants, and nursing pads (your milk likely won't come in til you've left the hospital, but they are still nice to have in case of leaking colostrum or just to have another layer in your nursing tank when friends and family are coming to visit.) The hospital usually provides pads and feminine products for you. I pack a nursing cover so that I can feed my baby in privacy even if there are visitors, but you might prefer to just have everyone leave the room when it's feeding time. The hospital will provide socks for you, or you can take your own socks or slippers. I also take whatever I want to come home in. So this time it is simply a button up tunic and a change of leggings with my uggs, nice and comfy. Don't forget to also pack any cosmetics you might need, for me it's saline and a contact case, toothbrush, lotion, hair brush, make up etc. 
For baby I pack a one piece outfit and a "coming home" outfit (our tradition is that Shaun chooses the coming home outfit). They provide hats, swaddle blankets and diapers while you are in the hospital, but if you prefer your own, pack those too. I did pack a nuk, a swaddle blanket and a head band for her this time. You might also want nail clippers or mittens so baby doesn't scratch their face. I usually just take a onesie outfit that has the cuff on the sleeves that I can roll over their hands if need be. Have your car seat ready in the car too. If you really wanna get fancy you can pack your boppy pillow for nursing, or you can just get an extra pillow while in the hospital. I get the extra pillow bc it's one less thing to worry about packing. Last but DEFINITELY not least, your camera, cell phone, video camera etc and chargers. I think that about sums up my list!! 
Don't forget about your man though! Shaun packs for himself and usually brings a change of clothes, an extra pillow, toothbrush, some snacks, etc. 

And if you prefer list form, here it all is again simplified: 

For during labor: 

A large pad 
Sports Bra

For after labor (for you): 

2 nursing tanks
leggings/yoga pants
nursing pads
nursing cover
clothes to come home in
warm socks or slippers (optional)
cosmetic items 

For after labor (for baby): 

Warm outfit for hospital
Hat (optional) 
swaddle blanket (optional) 
nuk (optional) 
coming home outfit
mittens/nail clippers (optional)
car seat

For your husband: 

change of clothes (or two)
extra pillow/blanket
cosmetic items
camera/video camera

I am likely going to be going into labor sometime in the next week or so, give or take. So if I come to realize that I left something off this list that I desperately needed, I'll try to add it to the list! Hope this is helpful!! 


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