Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Murray Family

We had a gorgeous afternoon to take these photos... in the 60's and sunny, and for November I'll take it! This is the third photo shoot I've had the opportunity to do for the Murray family, and I always enjoy my time spent with them. I'll never forget when David (who is also my cousin) called me last fall to ask if I was interested in doing family photos for them and asked how much I charge. At that time he was one of the first few people to inquire, and played a huge part in encouraging me to go for this dream of being a photographer. (Thank you Davey!)
One of the (many) things I love about them is that they use their photos. Their house is full of beautifully framed photos of friends and family. They inspire me to actually print my photos out and use them, display them, frame them, put them in albums, and not just leave them on my computer hard drive. 
As is becoming my favorite way to do family photo shoots, we spent the afternoon doing a mix of sporadic poses but also spending time with them just playing, being themselves, and the photos I got of them loving on each other are just so sweet. I think I might have set a new record with how many photos I am posting from this shoot, but I just couldn't help it. 
Meet David, Shirley, Noah & Ethan.

I love how, even when i "copy" a photo I did in another shoot, it still comes out all it's own and an original.

a favorite.

Making wishes

Ok, so one of my absolute favorite ways to really capture some personality and get everyone totally relaxed and acting themselves is to have everyone laying down with their heads all together in a random formation and start snapping away. It never fails to create some real laughs and lots of happy family chaos that is absolutely beautiful :) 

love the composition of this one. 

Brothers :) 

The beautiful fall colors of the next few are what make this time of year so perfect to shoot... 

These two candid, genuine shots of the boys are my favorites from the day :) 

love it!

loving on their mama :) 

daddy time :) 

 And we had to capture a few of the love behind it all... :)

Thanks so much for asking me to do your photos for you again this year, it is the best feeling to know you were happy with them before and wanted me to do them again. I love you guys so much!! 

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