Friday, November 30, 2012

Way late... our thanksgiving

So, I know Thanksgiving was, like, SO a week ago, and like, everyone has like, moved onto Christmas... 

But I couldn't get photos to upload onto my blog this past week, and I don't care if it's over now, I still want to remember it. It was wonderful. I have been trying to still find the magic in the holidays that I did as a little kid even now as an adult. And waking up knowing it's a special day full of family and love and specialness and tradition and just being together made it perfect. We turned on the Macy's parade and the boys watched and snuggled (or wrestled, whatever you want to call it) while I made food, then we all got ready and headed over to my parents around noon. 

They were busy in the kitchen when we got there. Each taking charge of their own masterpieces. 

Beautiful table. Delicious dinner. 

 My mommom's pies!!! Pecan, Key lime, and deep dish apple, her specialty! 

While the boys took their naps we made the bigger boys turn off football and play scattergories with us. It was so fun :) I beat Shaun by one, a point on which he will disagree with me, but definitely believe me and not him... We posed with our scorecards at the end and I held up an "L" behind his head... he caught me, and the series of photos my mom snapped afterwards are hilarious... this is one of them: 

Girl pictures.

And it was so nice we went outside for some thanksgiving-y photos too :) 

Then we went down to the farm where my dad keeps his horses. I think Rembrandt is sniffing my dad's neck or something in this photo.... idk...

When we came back the boys made us lattes :) 

And we ended the night with Elf. :)
"Six inch ribbon curls." "That's impossible..." "SIX. INCHES." 

I think part of what made Thanksgiving so special was that it is the first time we ever spent a holiday at my parents with just our family. I love my extended family too, and it's always great to get together with them, but all through growing up we always left home and went to one extended family or the other. So it was neat to spend the whole day just us, and see what that was like. I really love them a lot. 

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