Monday, November 5, 2012

The Zook Family

I seriously have no idea where to begin there are so many wonderful things to say about this awesome family. They are the most giving family I've ever known. The most dependable. The most loyal. They are amazing friends. They reach out to everyone. They encourage, motivate, and inspire me constantly. I am so thankful to know them. 

Their love story is amazing. Nat and Salena met on the mission field in Africa. Salena is originally from  Canada, and she had to start from scratch when she moved here as far as family and friends go. You would never know she's only been here a few years with the amount of people that love her. Adore her. Like I said, she is an amazing friend. The kind that will drop anything to come be your ear when you need someone to talk to, clean your house for you after you have a baby, help you move when she's 37 weeks pregnant... It is so easy to get heart to heart when talking, and to share anything and everything with her. This girl is seriously super woman in my opinion :) 

But, besides all they do and give to everyone around them, they have three sweet littles of their own, three and under, that they are awesome parents to. And their babies are adorable :) They asked me to do something a little different than what I usually do for this photo shoot and I was SO excited to oblige! They wanted to capture this phase of life in the most normal, natural, real-life setting for them these days. Any of you with babies can probably picture what your Saturday mornings look like when everybody piles into your bed together to watch a movie or read books, taking advantage of the early morning together time. That was our inspiration. 
We had such a fun afternoon snapping real-life photos of them snuggling, wrestling, playing under the sheets, tickling and being cozy with lots of pillows and covers. :) 

So here it goes, prepare for lots of fun photos! 

Playing under the sheets. Love the expressions! 

Love these next two. :)

Their sweet babies!




A few with just their newest addition: 

love that you can see baby dax looking through as alexia jumps.

Individuals with each of their kids:

Love the next two as well :) (But then again, I love them all!)

 Girl Time!!

matching pedicures

And after all that jumping and wrestling and all the energy of those sweet little kids, exhaustion sets in! 
And that means mommy and daddy snuggle time!! 

I can not say enough how much I love the realness this portrays. Thank you guys for asking me to do your photos, we love you all so much!! 

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