Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Olivia Part 2: Cake Smash

So here's "part two" of Olivia's one year photos, the cake smash :) This was the first time I got to photograph a cake smash and it was so fun. The thing with babies is that you don't have to get some perfect smile with them looking straight into your lens to make it a good picture. The natural expressions and personality that comes out as they explore and react to things are always so dear. So here's a little look into Olivia's personality and the fun she had having the freedom to smear pink icing all over the place :) 

(Amazing how the same picture can be equally beautiful but look so different in color vs black and white. love it) 

I feel like the one below should be an advertisement for something... 

Loved using the "one" that carly made from tissue paper. so pretty and feminine. 

And I just find everything about the shot below adorably dainty and perfect. Love her crossed ankles and the pink icing on her baby toes... 

Below: A yawn, and a shiver. Both so adorable :) 

She had eyes only for that cake!!! haha 

And to finish, a gorgeous, two-toothed, cakey smile :) 

Carly I'm so glad you had the idea to do this, I not only had so much fun watching her play in the icing, but I love the images that we were able to capture to remember it forever too. :) 

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