Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pimp & $h!t

If you happen to run into one of my children, and he is naked, and you think he is also swearing, and speaking of adult material, and his translator (me) is not nearby, this post is for you. Please know that I do not endorse these behaviors (although I might find them slightly hysterical).

Ok, backstory. So, one of my sons, and I'll refrain from saying which one, currently really likes to be naked. Hence, he is learning how to pronounce different articles of clothing so he can ask for them to be removed. He can take off his pants himself, but hasn't yet figured out how to take off his shirts. 

At any random time of day you might find him stripping down to just a diaper, and he would remove that too if I did not firmly insist that it stay on. (He's always quite mad about that fact...) This might be interesting enough without telling the rest of the story, but I have to explain the title of this post. 
While said child is taking his pants off, he does a little jig, and repeats over and over "Pimp! Pimp! Pimp! Pimp!" This is his preferred pronunciation of the word pants. Once he's got his pants off he gives a triumphant smile, then begins tugging at his shirt yelling "Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t!" angrily because he can't get the shirt off by himself. I help him with that as quickly as possible to get him to stop yelling his version of shirt, and then he runs happily in his diaper for about a half hour until he comes to me asking for his "pimp & sh*t" again so that the process can repeat itself. 

I've prepared a video below as proof, just so you know I am not exaggerating. Oh, and he might be naked in the movie, because the whole thing might have happened again just recently. Oh, and I guess that movie will reveal the identity of the child we've been speaking of. But I guess that's ok, because you probably already guessed anyways. 

K so I can see the video on my page, but when I preview the post it doesn't come up :( I'm going to post the video on my facebook and you can watch it there if you really want to. :)

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