Thursday, June 6, 2013

Isaiah's Bedroom

Before we start moving things around and changing everything up in preparation for boy #3, I wanted to take a minute to document Isaiah's room while it's still his. I'm not posting these photos because I spent a million years decorating, or because I bought all the perfect pieces to complete this room or because it's magazine worthy. I'm just posting to remember. While his room might not be glamorous or expensive, it is full of handmade or made over items and I love it. 

Sometimes you take what you have and you make it work and you love it more than you would have if someone had given you a free shopping spree to your favorite store to pick out every piece. 
Because it came together over time, and it's you, and it's original. 
That would be a Isaiah's room. 
His crib is the same one Drew used as a baby, my parents gift to us for our baby shower. The hamper was also a gift from my baby shower with Drew, as was the changing pad. Annnnddd the bedding is the same that we had with Drew as well. 

When Isaiah was on the way we knew we needed another dresser to hold his clothing. The dresser came from Shaun's parents basement and had a broken drawer when we brought it home. Shaun (and Drew) lightly sanded it and stained it darker to go with the crib. (There's a before picture of the dresser at the bottom of this post if you want to see it) The wooden trash can next to the dresser came from my parents old house and they didn't need it anymore once they moved. 
The bassinette in the corner is pretty much just being stored there until we need it in our room again with baby 3, and for now it holds extra blankets. 

This view is standing at the window looking back into the room. After Isaiah's first birthday party I used some of the bunting I made and hung it up over his closet door. Something that simple made such a difference. That was when I started changing over his bedroom theme from giraffes to nautical.. 

The shelf in the photo above used to hang in our living room when we lived in our apartment. The shadow box was a gift from Shaun's mom's friend Gloria, and it originally went with the giraffe/jungle animal theme. She told me to change it to grow with Isaiah, so after his first birthday party I slipped in one of the sailboats that we made from sticks from our backyard and scraps of fabric and the adorable little shoes Isaiah wore at his first birthday party. 
I still love the maternity picture of us on the beach at sunrise while I was pregnant with Isaiah. The little tractor piggy bank was a gift from my mom to Isaiah, I think for his dedication. 

This photo is a close up of what hangs over the crib... Another homemade sailboat that we used as decor at Isaiah's first bday, and his monogram that I made from popsicle sticks, yarn and hot glue (inspired by similar letters I saw selling for $15 apiece at Anthropologie) 

In the corner of Isaiah's room is my secretary desk, given to us by my grandmother when she moved just before we were married. I love this desk and am making a space for it in my bedroom so we can move it there when this becomes baby 3's nursery. The poor plant isn't doing so well, but we've had him since just after we got married and he's still hanging on, so I'm not giving up on him. The two books stacked on each other are absolutely adorable and full of cute illustrations, children's stories/songs/recipes etc and they were given to me by Jess, a girl I got to precept while she was in ultrasound school. The frame has Isaiah's 3D photo on the left and a photo when we were about to bring on home from the hospital on the right. 

Close up of the changing station... The two burlap covered bins holding diapers I made from shoe boxes, extra burlap and some twine. The black basket holds our wipes container. (We make our own wipes from paper towels, water, baby soap and baby oil- my co-worker at the hospital, Lindsey, showed us how to make them) 

Hanging over the changing table is another piece from Isaiah's birthday party, I kept it just like it was and moved it to the wall upstairs. Those were just plain cork boards that I painted white stripes on. 
Just another view. 

And although the photos above are what his room looks like when it's all cleaned up, I had  to show a more accurate representation of it.... Random, but Isaiah won't sleep in his crib anymore. When we go up for his naps he sleeps on the floor next to his crib. Our nap time routine is we go upstairs, turn on his fan, he helps me close the blinds, then I take him and lay him down on these blankets and hand him his elephant. He shows me elephants eyes, ears, mouth, tail, hiney, arms, trunk, etc., then hands elephant to me and I hold him while Isaiah closes his eyes and goes to sleep. He also likes his giant stuffed bear to sleep on the floor too. Once Isaiah is asleep I cover him up with a blanket and look at his sweet, sleeping cherub face, my heart squeezes tight at his cuteness, and then I tip toe out. When he wakes up he stands at the door calling "Mommy!" til I come up to get him. 

For whatever reason one of the boys' favorite places to play is behind the bassinette in Isaiah's room. They hide and hold the candle that usually sits in the window and pretend there are bears coming down the hallway. Drew usually has some kind of "slingshot" back there with them too for protection.... 

I love these cuties!!! 

So there you go... There's not a whole lot in there, but I'm pretty sure we didn't buy one single thing to make that room into his... It was either inherited from Drew, recycled from his birthday party, or made. Love that. 

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  1. i love nautical nurseries! I must have a dozen or more things pinned on pinterest lol! So adorable!