Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Baby Benaiah on the way!!

There really are not words for me to say what this family means to me, or to our family. They are the most amazing friends, trustworthy, genuine, full of wisdom, always ready to listen and always ready to help. I met Meghan in college and from the first the word that always comes to mind when I think of her is JOY. Abundant, radiating joy. I just love her. Joel and Meghan got married a little over a year before Shaun and I, and they started the parenting adventure first of all our friends when they had Michaela. Then came Connor, and now they are expecting another son, baby Benaiah. It has been such a privilege to watch their family grow, to experience being parents in the same season and to be able to relate in so many ways... from being sick and exhausted in our third pregnancies and feeling like it would never end to the joy of coming OUT of that sickness and having energy again, to reading and recommending parenting books to each other (Loving Our Kids on Purpose by Danny Silk) to family get togethers and our herd of children that will soon outnumber us!! 
It was so fun to do these maternity pictures for them. We met at Muddy Run and started with family photos, then the kids all played on the playground with Shaun while I took some of just Meghan and Joel. I am absolutely in love with how they all turned out. 
Enjoy a few of my favorites! 

The one above was a totally candid moment. So glad I looked up and caught it!! 

I loved the bright colors they chose to wear, so fun a true representation of who they are as a family! :) 

Next are a few of just Meghan and Joel. 

The light was just breath taking... loved it. 

The one above is probably one of my favorites from the night. The light and setting are just perfect. 

My beautiful friend!! 

True Love.

 And I'll end with what might be my very favorite from the night. :) 

Thank you guys for asking me to take your maternity photos, I was truly blessed to do it, and I hope you love them!! You sure are a beautiful family of FIVE!!!! 

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