Friday, June 14, 2013

Dan & Tawni: Newlyweds!

So, I love the story of this shoot.... We had scheduled an engagement session for June 8th. About a week or two before our session was coming up, I got a message that Dan and Tawni had gotten MARRIED on their trip to Vegas, and we were turning the engagement session into a newlywed session! So fun, spontaneous, and very like these two... they don't want a lot of fuss, they want simple, fun, genuine. 
When I asked Tawni what feel she was looking for from their photos she said "I like the more casual, fun, best friend, forever love kind of pictures ..." So we went from there and I think we came out with just what she was looking for: pictures that capture their love and relationship with a twist of playfulness :) 

I'll start with these fun shots of their new bling!! 

Loved, loved, loved the sunset light spilling into these photos... 

The one below is a favorite

I put the two below side by side because i just love how something as simple as how much sunlight you let peek into your lens can change the feel of the photo so much. 

And the again, the one below is another definite favorite! 

Love this one too, especially with the black and white edit on it :) 

The series below are a few from the last few minutes of our session. I told them I wanted to capture some personality, some goofiness, and to just be themselves and interact and pretend I wasn't there... Love all the character these have!!  

Husband and wife. :) 

Thank you guys so much for asking me to do these photos for you! They were super fun and laid back and I feel like they represent you so well. I hope you love them all as much as I do!! 


  1. There is not a more beautiful woman on this earth than Tawni! Dan is a lucky man and we are blessed by knowing that HE KNOWS IT! Love the pics and these two people!

    1. Beautiful pictures of two beautiful people in love! Family and friends are blessed indeed to have these two in their life!