Friday, March 7, 2014

Jaden's Nautical Nursery

Jaden is 4 months old and I am finally "done" his nautical nursery. (As much as you are ever done a room...) All except for putting a few more pictures into frames, and the pictures are on their way in the mail as I type... so if I was a little more patient I'd wait and show you his room after I had the pictures. But... I'm not. So here you go: 

Of course with Jaden having the middle name Saylor and having left over decorations from Isaiah's nautical first birthday party it was really inevitable for his room to go the nautical direction. The first picture on the left is what you see before you go into his room. I made the hallway a little prettier with some fun black and white candid photos of the boys in mis-matched silver frames and put our pretty wicker hamper out where everyone can see it :) The picture on the right is looking through the door into the nursery. 

Close up of the painted cork boards and... what's that? The ironing board? Yes. Because I don't like trying to get it in and out of a closet. And it has a pretty blue striped cover. And it's out of the way and fits just fine right here. K, enough on the ironing board. I love that newborn photo of Jaden and I attached the tag that my friend Salena had made for the gift she gave me when he was born with his name on it. I plan on adding a few more things to his cork board as he grows... Remember, rooms are never really "done" :) 

So if you're standing with the ironing board to your left this is what you see when you look into the room. From here I will go clockwise and show you each corner and a close up of details in each corner. (Is anyone else out there like me and you like to know where things are in relation to each other if you're getting a room tour online??) 

Rocking Chair corner: 
The quilt on the rocking chair was handmade by my Aunt Kathleen for Drew when he was born. I just love how pretty it is and it's nice to have an extra blanket nearby especially if it's cold at night when nursing baby back to sleep. We used this little rocking chair spot a ton when Jaden first came home before I started just letting him nurse in bed with me at night. It still gets use during the day and is also a nice place to have if we have anyone else over who has a small child and needs a private spot to take care of their baby. I keep extra diapers in the blue hamper. The palm tree plant is my favorite... I think every room needs at least one plant. And that fan back there is for white noise of course... The bunting above the closet was made for Isaiah's first birthday party.

This shelf was here when this was Isaiah's room, but I originally got it from target and used it as a teeny tiny "mantle" of sorts in our apartment right after we got married. It still has little holes in the bottom of it where I screwed in hooks to hang our stockings from on our first Christmas together. I just personalized it for Jaden a bit and put a maternity photo from my pregnancy with him in the frame on the left. Ignore the photos of someone else's children in the frame on the right.... that's the one that photos are in the mail to fill any day now :) But can I just say that the white frame is so adorable, it was a Christmas gift to Jaden from my cousin's wife. It has a little blue sail boat on it and it says "You sailed into our hearts" on it. Love.

Below: The beautiful engraved wood with Jaden's name and birth stats on it from our friends Meghan and Joel. So, so special. 

Corner number two: 
It's maybe not ideal for the layout of the room and with how small it is to have a bed and a crib set up in there. But the gorgeous four poster twin bed was being moved out of the room next door to make space for the double bed that Drew and Isaiah share and it was either a.) take it to the basement or b.) move it to the room next door. Now maybe part of our decision was based on the fact that it was easier... But I also really like having a guest bed upstairs. My mom used it the night she slept here when I went into labor with Jaden, and my sister in law used it when she spent the night here to help me during my crazy fiasco week.  We will also use it to lay one of the boys on if they fall asleep in the car on the way home so we can turn the light on in their room to get the other one ready for bed... Anyway it's just nice to have an extra bed even if it makes the room a little crowded. 
The white quilt on it is just a down duvet insert from target, $20. The two decorative pillows were extras from me and Shaun's room, the patchwork one was again, made by my Aunt Kathleen as a wedding gift to us. I love handmade items! The blanket on the foot of the bed is from Homegoods and I loved the texture. It's been used in several photo shoots already :)
The sail boat above the bed was made with sticks from the backyard, scraps of cloth, hot glue and twine. (A really fun project to make with little boys too. It sailed around our kitchen table a ton before it ended up on the wall...) 

Corner number 3: 

The crib corner! This crib was given to us by my parents when we were expecting Drew and I love it. It can convert into a double bed someday if we would need it to... It doesn't get a whole lot of use at night as Jaden is still in the bassinet in our room but he loves to lay in here during the day sometimes now. The letters above his crib were a gift when he was born from friends from our church, the Riehls, and I am quite fond of them :) 

With each of our boys Shaun's Grandma has let me pick out fabric for her to make a quilt for them. I have had so much fun choosing materials, and looked so forward to seeing the finished product. Drew's is pale blue with white polka dots, Isaiah's is a brown and white patchwork, and Jaden's is a nautical map of the world. The reverse side of Jaden's is blue with tiny white anchors all over it. These quilts are one of the most treasured things that we own for each of our boys. I love how special they are, and that they were handmade by our boys' Great Grandma. Each of them sleep with their quilts every night and call them their "special blankets." Definitely a keepsake that means a lot to us. 

Corner number 4: 

This is the changing table corner. When I was pregnant with Isaiah we needed another dresser so we took this one that wasn't being used and had a broken drawer from Shaun's parents' basement and restained it and fixed the drawer. The wooden trash bin is from my parents' old house. The changing pad and cover are the same ones we've had since Drew. 

For organization I used a cute black basket that held a gift to Drew from our friends the Hartmans at my baby shower for him. It holds our container of homemade wipes, desitin, baby powder, etc. Then there are these two burlap covered shoeboxes that are perfect for separating Isaiah's diapers from Jaden's. The lamp is vintage from Shaun's great aunt when she was selling things before moving out of her house. And the video baby monitor has been amazing to have this time around. (THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!!!) 

The gallery wall is maybe the thing I am most proud of doing in his room. I spent 80 cents total on it. The bunting was, again, a decoration from Isaiah's first birthday party. The two sail boats were also made from sticks from the backyard, scrap fabric, hot glue and twine. The center one is framed in a black frame we found in a garage that was being cleaned out. The anchor print and swim in the sea print were free printables I found online and to actually have them printed was 40 cents each... that's what I spent the money on. The frames were ones I already had that I painted white with leftover paint from our basement. The rocking horse print hung in Shaun's nursery when he was a baby. I painted that frame white also. 

Here are close ups of each piece: 

One more look at the whole room, this time taken standing in front of the window. 

Well thanks for taking a look at our nursery, it was so fun pulling pieces from different phases of our life together and then using the beautiful gifts we were given for Jaden's arrival to create a room that is sweet and cozy and welcoming for him. While we didn't paint the walls or change out light fixtures or replace the flooring or do anything major to the room it feels special and thought out and just right to us. I love that sometimes you can take what you have and add some creativity to it and essentially spend next to nothing on a space that you love and feel proud of. 

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  1. The ships made with scrap fabric and sticks from your own yard are so neat! Clever idea.