Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Just so you all know....

I originally started my blog as an online journal, a way to record life, write down my thoughts quickly, etc. I had no idea if anyone would actually read it or not. It is still amazing to me that any of you do.

But can I just say that my original intentions for why I write have become so much more than they were in the beginning.

I have always had a heart for women, specifically to encourage and relate in a way that brings all glory to God. Growing up, being a big sister was my most favorite role in life. I adopted my sister Randi's friends as extra little sisters, and some of the best memories I have are doing all their hair and makeup for dances, hanging out with them during sleepovers, and girl talk. As I've gotten older and entered into new experiences like marriage and motherhood I've found that it makes me come alive and brings energy and passion to my heart to share life and advice and God moments with other mothers/wives/friends etc. Staying home with my babies is right where the Lord has me in this season and absolutely non-negotiable for me, which makes it hard to get out and interact with others. But I feel like my blog has become the way that I am able to connect with other women and share my heart and in return hear theirs as well.

I apologize ahead of time if the typos and incorrect grammar or punctuation on here drive you crazy (believe it or not I actually love English!) I just write like I talk and I don't have time to proofread and correct everything before I hit publish. Just know that you mean so much to me. Some of you I know, some of you I still don't, but that's ok. You have become my inspiration and motivation to write. The messages I've received over the past few months about how a specific blog post spoke to someone's heart totally reduce me to tears. I am a mess, do you know that?? I hope you do.. I hope this place is real enough that you get that I'm an emotional, learn-as-I-go, don't have it all together girl. But the reason I cry when I hear that something spoke to you is because it's just not me. It's all Jesus. I don't know what I'm going to say half the time when I open up a new window and begin to type. And the fact that my ramblings and broken self can be used in spite of me just completely humbles and breaks me and makes me worship my creator all the more. You all are amazing. And I am so, so thankful for you.

So that's why I do this.

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