Monday, March 31, 2014

dedicated boy (#3)

One of my earliest posts on this blog was when we had Isaiah dedicated. I realized as I wrote that post how much I loved writing about my boys, comparing their similarities and differences and documenting each stage of life. Now here we are two years later and we are dedicating our third little man :)
He is wearing the same vest as Drew and Isaiah wore for their dedications... I love little continuities like that :) (He's also wearing the same shirt that Isaiah wore and the same pants that Drew wore...)
 Happy little 5 month old man before we headed out to church that morning.

Shaun chose the verse that we used, and then my mom gave him a gift with the same verse written on the bag, not even knowing that we had chosen it as his theme verse. So cool.

My three little men.

Love this family photo.

Grandparents with baby boy. 

Daddy and Mommy with baby boy.
Jaden, you are so special to us. I cannot imagine life without you. I thank God daily that he chose to give you to us. My precious, sweet little joy. You are an incredibly baby. So happy, content and peaceful. You have filled our hearts and home up with love like we never imagined. We know that you have a healing anointing on your life... that you will bring emotional healing to many simply through relationship, and that you will bring physical healing as well through your walk with Jesus. We speak authority and confidence over you. That everywhere you go you will shift the atmosphere into one of peace, of calm in the storm, and that there will be power released from your very shadow. Sweet Jaden Saylor, these three words cannot possibly contain all my feeling for you, but they will have to do... I love you. More than you'll ever know, and with all of my heart. 

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