Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sisters. Round 2.

 I got to take photos of Madi and Alayna again this August, and it's amazing the difference a year makes! Last year at this time Alayna didn't know me very well yet, and she was shy and not wanting to be in front of the camera... this year we are buddies and she was eating up her time in the spotlight :) 
I just love working with kids, the younger they are the less inhibitions they have, and the more their little personality shines through their expressions. These two girls are so spunky and sweet and I love that I was able to have another chance at capturing their sisterhood :) 

The photos below are not nearly all my favorites from their session, I was having some technical difficulties uploading, and decided not to delay any longer but to just share with you what I have. So enjoy this little peek at their photo shoot together from a few weeks ago ;) 

 I have this same photo with a big cheese from Alayna one frame later, but her little snoot in this one is so precious that it became my favorite :) 

This one of Alayna twirling below is one of my very favorites from the whole session. 

 And I have so many great, fun ones of them laying in the grass together, but these last two were the only ones that made it on... So they will have to do.  

I even had the chance to snap a few of Madi and Alayna with their grandparents, Denny & Steph, at the end, and I loved how those came out as well. Dear Madison & Alayna... I just love your girlish beauty mixed with your tomboy spunk... both of you are so precious and I am beyond privileged to have gotten to spend an evening in a peach orchard capturing your lovely little personalities. Thank you Steph for having me do their portraits again this year... I love the tradition :) 

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