Monday, August 12, 2013


These beautiful girls you're about to see are the granddaughters of a couple at my church, Denny & Steph. Steph was going to be keeping Madison and Alayna for a week and asked me if we could take some pictures to surprise their mom with when she came home. Although the surprise part eventually fell through (Steph decided to ask her daughter what she'd like them to be wearing) I think these photos came out so dear. I just love everything about them... They are so sisterly, girly and fun. A field of queen ann's lace, a thunder storm that held off for us, mirrors, old cameras, pearls, pretty blue maxis (and later fun lacey shirts) and sweet sisters. It was such a privilege to get to do this shoot. I had so. much. fun. with it! 

Here's a look at some of my favorites: 

I usually like to choose a favorite (or three) from every shoot, but I know there are wayyy more than that in this one for me. However, the one below would definitely be one of them :) 

Boy would I love to see what this shot would look like if it could actually be taken with that old camera and from that angle... 

Fun with a mirror. (Thank you to my sister in law for suggesting I take a mirror along!)

Love the one below. 

And the one below. 

Now for the second half of the shoot. 

I think the one below is gonna have to be added to the favorite list as well... 

And this one. 

And this one............

 Love, love, love the genuine smiles in the next two! 

 Some fun candids... :) 

They both have these amazing green-brown eyes that are just gorgeous. 

 And I feel like you should be able to tell a story about this last one. 

Thank you again Steph for asking me to do these, I had such a great time spending the evening with you and your girlies, and I hope they had fun too! Enjoy the memories!! :) 

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