Wednesday, January 14, 2015

On Living in the Tension

"There is almost no such thing as ready, there is only now. It's time to start living."
(source unknown)
On the way home from a church leadership dinner last night Shaun and I held hands while we drove the cold dark roads home. And we talked.
And a profound thing came out of our conversation. I know for a fact we were not made to live or be motivated by fear. But we were made to live and be motivated by love.
What would happen if we were able to live in the tension of being conscious that we are not promised tomorrow with our loved ones? That tension where you are not living in a state of fearfulness, but in a state of deep and profound gratefulness for the moment you're in.
How would that change the way we love, the way we serve, the way we express that deep well of love for another that exists always but is often not tapped into?
The path we are called to walk is a straight and narrow one. It feels like a tightrope often, probably looks like one from the outside too. But the balancing act isn't one that's done alone, arms out stretched, desperately swaying side to side, scared to death we'll fall into oblivion. It is one done with one arm stretched straight upward, hanging onto our Father's hand reaching down toward us, keeping us steady, coaxing us onward, His voice reminding us, "don't worry what's to the right or the left, just keep your eyes on me, I will get you there safe." And the other arm flung out with complete abandon, worshipping, feeling the wind between our fingers, soaking in this beautiful life around us, resting alongside the faces of the ones we love, looking into their eyes, telling them we love them, meaning it with our whole hearts.
I want to live in the tension.

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