Friday, January 30, 2015

Comfy Cozy (My Winter "Mom Uniform")

You guys, if plaid flannel shirts and jeans were my go-to in the fall, then a t-shirt, jeans (or leggings) and an over-sized sweater cardi are my go-to in the winter. I'm not a complicated dresser... I do like trying new things but if I find something I love I tend to repeat it in different variations over and over. So last winter I got this over-sized gray cardigan from express that I had been eyeing for awhile, and then proceeded to wear it almost every day. This fall I got a second over-sized cozy cardi, you might remember it from this post (the world's best sweater). And then for Christmas my mother in law and my sister in law each gave me another sweater cardigan, which brings my total up to four. They each get worn on a pretty much weekly basis.
Here's what you'll typically find me in to run errands, go to the grocery store, drop Drew off at school, or go to family dinner... you know, the standard weekly activities. To run out into the cold weather I usually top it with my favorite (and only) beanie, and one of my two pairs of sunglasses (anyone else need sunglasses to drive even when it's cloudy? Is it my blue eyes? I'd be lost without my sunglasses...). This combination feels trendy and like I actually put a little effort in but is soooo comfortable, casual, and I don't even have to think when I get dressed. Hopefully this simple "formula" can be modified into your wardrobe in some way, especially if you are a mom looking for comfort that also looks stylish.
Example 1:

Sweater: Modcloth
T-shirt: Target
Jeans: AE
Combat boots: Steve Madden
Example 2:
Sweater: Cotton On
T-shirt: AE
Black Pants: H&M
Slip on Sneakers: AE
 Example 3:
Sweater: Cotton On
Black Dolman Sleeve top: Old Navy
Turquoise Necklace: Amazon (for 1 cent. But shipping was 3.99. So do I have to say $4 or can I still say 1 cent?)
Jeans: AE
Combat Boots: Steve Madden
Example 4/5:
Gray Sweater: Express
Paris T-shirt: Modcloth
Jeans: AE
Ugg Boots
Beanie: AE
Sunglasses: J. Crew

Same Gray Sweater as above
Chambray Shirt: Forever 21
Black Pants: H&M
Slip on Sneakers: AE
Hope this combination inspires new outfits from what you already have, or maybe identifies a thing or two that you could add to your wardrobe that will stretch it further and become staples for you to wear often! :)


  1. I love outfit formulas as well! They make morning dressing decisions simple and efficient! Great style, Jess!