Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kitchen Makeover!

I love white cabinets. Always have, always will. When we moved in over four years ago I knew that someday I wanted to paint our kitchen cabinets. The couple who lived here before us kept everything in great condition, but their style was definitely very country, while I like a cottage meets farmhouse meets slightly modern feel. I struggled for a while because, you know, to some people painting perfectly good wood is ridiculous. Then I struggled because everyone in the world paints their cabinets themselves, but I read a million different tutorials and was scared of messing up, cause to me cabinets are a big deal (and I also dreaded the several weeks of chaotic kitchen until the project would be done.) And then finally I realized- a.) I am not one of those people who thinks painting wood is ridiculous, and this is my house and b.) i didn't HAVE to be some diy super hero and do it myself, I could hire someone who knows what they are doing and could do it in two days. (Thank you Stephanie for that revolutionary idea!) 
Although painting the cabinets was my top priority, different lighting was Shaun's, so we did that first. We chose the light fixtures ourselves and a good friend of ours who is a construction genius put in recessed lighting and changed out our fixtures for us in October. Then everything went on pause until after my siblings weddings and Christmas, and in the beautiful space of January we started back up again. First I painted the walls gray, and then we booked Wagner Painting for the end of the month. 
And now, it is finished! 
(If you don't count the fact that depending on how long we live here I'd love to add a white subway tile backsplash, change the perimeter counters to black soap stone and install a thick butcher block counter top on the island... but dreaming and having a vision are just as much fun as the finished product, and if you know me you know I'm always dreaming... so I have no idea if we will ever do those things or not, because I am so content with where we are at now!)

Because I am a huge fan of before and afters, here are several different looks at the "befores" and the "afters" of different angles of our kitchen. (disclaimer: in this first set of before and afters there is one thing I like better about the "before"... and that is the baby in the bouncy seat tucked into the pack and play... Shaun said I should have Jaden standing in the same spot in the "after"... that would've been a great idea. It's not too late, maybe I'll still take one like that) 

(This next one is after the lighting, but before any painting)
Before Painting:
 After Painting:

Now for some during shots (only two of these, while the primer was going on): 

And some more after photos of the little details :) 


Use a glossy paint for your cabinets. It looks more high quality and is also much easier to wipe down should something splatter. (I've already had some "splatters"... life with three boys ;) ) 
The process our painters used on the cabinets was sanding, priming, and two coats of high quality paint. They didn't take the doors off to spray them, just hand painted them, but if you want an even smoother finish you could remove them from the hinges and spray them. 
(If I think of anything else I'll try to come back and add it) 


Light Fixtures: Lowe's & Home Depot
Wall Paint Color: Gentle Rain (I believe by Behr. We have this color in our basement family room too and love it so much)
Trim and Cabinet Paint Color: Snow Cap Mountain (I believe by Valspar, such a fresh, beautiful white)
Fruit Bowl & Utensil Jar: Target
Plants and Gray clay planter: Terrain
Ring holder: HomeGoods
Blue dish towel: Anthropologie (Christmas gift from my bestie)
Black clock: Target (Christmas gift from my sister in law) 
Heirloom Vegetable Calendar: Anthropologie (bridesmaid gift from my sister) 
Secretary Desk: Gift from my grandmother, hardware switched by me
Vintage Camera: Belonged to my grandparents
Mercury glass vase: A florist in Strasburg
Cream pillar candle holder: Good's Store (gift from my mom)
Blue dinosaur artwork: Original by Drew :) 
Chalkboard: Pottery Barn Outlet several years ago (Bought with Christmas money from my mommom)
Berkey Water Filtration System: Me and Shaun's Christmas gift to each other this year... THE BEST WATER EVER.
Vintage Scale: Antique shop in Strasburg
Galvanized metal three tiered tray: Pottery Barn outlet
Vintage globe: Fresh Vintage by Amy in Strasburg (gift from my mom for Christmas)
Blue deviled egg dish: Found in my husband's great aunt's home when she was down-sizing
Blue butter dish: Anthropologie
Wood wick candle: Yankee candle (christmas gift from my sister-in-law last year)
Photo frame tray: Not sure where it was from, but it was a gift from my other sister-in-law a few years ago
Silver Tea Service: Flea market find when I was in middle school... bought for me by my dad
Dried boxwood: cut from my husband's parents' farm, by his grandparents' farmhouse. 

If you have questions about anything else or where it's from, just leave a comment. I know there are things I missed in this list. It is so fun to look around at everything and see how many things have been given to us over the years of our marriage. There is nothing I love more than the "collected" feel of a home... the story it tells of your time together, the people you love who have contributed, and the journey you've been on. Clearly my family and friends are wonderful gift givers, they know us so well and have blessed us in so many ways. I am so thankful for our home, for the process of making it ours, for the many memories and meals and moments that have taken place within these walls... 
Here's to a beautiful combination of fresh vision, and continued contentedness, and the many memories that will be made along the way.



  1. I heard about the Berkey water filter from someone else too. Is it good? I have a brita filter but constantly say it tastes like the filter is doing nothing:(

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  3. Every homeowner has yielded to the idea that achieving the perfect makover only requires a fresh coat of paint. Although that may be the case at times, it's definitely more ideal if the process isn't taken too lightly. Priming and sanding the cabinets to get them ready for a paint job will do wonders in terms of texture and overall look. In any case, I totally enjoyed your post, Jessi. I love the overall look of your kitchen! Thanks for sharing! Kudos and all the best to you! :)

    Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express