Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Worth the Wait

When we moved into our home in October of 2010, I thought there was only one thing I wanted to buy  for our new house. It was matching bedside wall mounted lamps from pottery barn. Then we moved in and I realized there were a lot of things I never even thought of that were going to take priority over the lamps. Like a trash can. Like kitchen stools. Like re-painting the basement and finding family room furniture... like a picnic table for our back porch... like a new dining table because our other one was beginning to fall apart... (we didn't get all those things at once, but over the past four years they have slowly been purchased/found/added...) 
Well about 8 or so months ago I found one of the lamps with the exact finish and shade I wanted at the pottery barn outlet for a fraction of the price. I grabbed it up right away, and we installed it on Shaun's side of the bed. Then I had my name added to a waiting list should they get another of the same lamp. And I waited. And waited. And occasionally stopped in and looked for myself... But never did find another of the same. Just a little over a week ago I used a pottery barn gift card from Christmas and went ahead and purchased a second lamp. It came in the mail two days ago and I ran to my sister-in-laws to borrow her drill and Shaun hung it up for me that very night. (While we had the drill we fixed some other things in our bedroom, which led to me learning to spackle, and sand, and repaint, which made me feel all handy and perfectionistic, which of course I am not really either, but it was a good feeling nonetheless... I digress....) 

I have other plans for what will soon be hanging over our bed, but if you wait til it's "finished" (which it never is, for me at least) then you'll never show it, so here it is in it's current, beautiful, two-matching-lamps-on-the-wall state!! 

My favorite thing about the lamps is that the bar can slide up and down, swivel left to right, and the lamp shade can be adjusted to different angles. It definitely feels luxurious, and super cozy at night. Below, Shaun's side of the bed on the left, mine on the right.  
The three little frames on my table are all from homegoods. I don't have photos in them yet, but I'm excited to choose some favorites of Shaun and I to fill them. 
 And the other luxurious addition to our bedroom is this faux fur sheepskin on the floor next to my bed... so fun to step out of bed onto something so soft and warm in the morning (and in the middle of the night when I wake up to feed Jaden). 
Just a little peek at what's going to be hanging over our bed: 

 This fabric tassel bunting plus wedding vows...
I'll try to remember to show that when it's finished too.
For now, today we're getting started on painting the kitchen!!! 

Sometime I also need to publish my 2015 goals post... There is a good bit of "housey" stuff on there, which I am trying to get a jump on and it feels great! 

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