Friday, February 3, 2012

Drew's big boy room

K, so when we moved into our home the last day of Oct. 2010, Drew was still sleeping in his crib, and I wasn't pregnant yet. So his room started out as a "nursery." (hence, the "before" photos) This next bit is going to sound like a long list of excuses (and it probably is) but I didn't decorate or complete his room until just recently. And "complete" is a relative term, I'm still not really done... After we moved in I was mostly unpacking and only did a few things to change up our house after the previous owners, then the holidays hit, I found out I was pregnant Dec. 29th 2010, and was then very, very sick for the next three-four months. By the time April came around I was so behind on the normal things from not doing anything that Drew's room was moved to the back burner. We then had the most crazy busy summer of our lives, between traveling, being in a wedding, working, (did I mention I was still working then?) and getting ready for the baby, I still didn't have time to work on Drew's room. We did manage to switch him to a big boy bed and move the crib into the baby's room (hence, the during photos) Then I had a baby the last day of the summer, (sweet isaiah!) and spent the next several months adjusting to life with two. And that is the end of my list of excuses. When I finally ran out of them, I decorated. :) All of this time I had been collecting things to  decorate Drew's room with, so when it finally came down to it, pulling everything out and hanging it up was so, so fun! And the best part is that Drew loves it too... 

I was hoping that it wasn't all just going to be to gratify myself, I wanted him to really enjoy it too. I picked a vintage car theme (Drew loves anything with a motor that goes) And now whenever anyone comes over he wants to take them to see his big boy bedroom. Here's a few photos of the process :) 

The bed was my mom's when she was in high school. It then passed to my little brother. When my parents moved in 2008, they switched to double matresses and this bed frame went in their basement. (I shop their basement for cool old things quite often...) So it's Drew's for now... (Thanks mama!!) 

I love this corner of the room. It's where I'd want to play if I was a little kid... I've actually already updated it a bit since this photo was taken... I'm thinking I'll have to do another entry on his "complete" room another time... haha. I love his little table from pottery barn kids- Christmas gift to him from Mommom and Pop when he was one. The photo collage is all photos from his two year photo shoot. His little book case is another piece of furniture I stole from my parents... (I'm sensing an underlying theme here...) It used to be in my Poppop's office. On top of it is a blanket made by my mommom Trudy. His little car piggy bank is also from Pottery Barn kids. Most of his books are on the top shelf, and the basket on the bottom shelf is full of trains... :) He also has a wicker toy box from "Gum maw" (Shaun's mom) which will someday be at the foot of his bed, but for now is in our basement play room. 

And as for the missing corner of the room... I guess I will include that in my later post... I got old wooden crates from Shaun's grandparents' farm that we are going to hang on the wall sideways as shelves. My old dresser that my dad and I stained together when I was little is also on that side of the room, along with a rocking chair and an AWESOME wooden, vintage car my parents found him at an antique store. And in that same someday post I'll include close ups of some other details of the room that are important to me. :) 

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