Thursday, February 2, 2012

Drew's quotes of the week

-Drew has had a fever all week.... The second or third day he woke up he was playing with the thermometer in bed, pretending to take his own temperature. When it beeped, he looked at me and said "mommy, need, medicine." I said "Oh yeah, do you have a temperature?" And without missing a beat, and with a very concerned look on his face he nodded as he replied "forty, six." I cracked up and told him that was very concerning indeed... 

-Shaun and Drew have been "dubbing" each other with drew's plastic baseball bat... You know, like knights of the round table with a sword type of dubbing. Mostly Drew kneels and Shaun dubs him something like "drew, elisha, kauffman, warrior, son, arise" or something like that... Well when the roles were reversed, Shaun kneeled down said "drew, dub me!" Drew took the baseball bat "sword" in hand  and proceeded to say "dub you, x, y, z." Definitely a noble and historic dubbing in this house. That kid cracks me up. :) 

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