Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valentines. {A Picture Overload}

So I know it's already a week behind us, but I just had to share our Valentines day on here... We partied all day long. :) I had a party for the boys at lunch time and a special dinner in the evening for Shaun and I while my parents watched the boys. Here's pretty much the whole day in photos :) 
These ended up dipped in chocolate for later. And below is the sweet boy who helped me make them. 

With a little chocolate on his cheek of course :) 

If I had girls, I would have done a flowery, girly, all-out decorated table for lunch. But I have boys, and they don't care too much for such things, so we had a balloon (in a pink vase, which is about as girly as it got...) and Drew's Lobster came to the party too... :) 

My firstborn. He helped me set up our party lunch in the living room, and even dusted the coffee table for me! 

Probably my favorite photo of the day. Drew got two valentine gifts: A Cherry ring pop and red play dough. Before eating lunch (but after eating chocolate...) we sculpted red hearts. :) 
Lunch! Along with raspberry yogurt, chocolate covered strawberries, and... 

Strawberry milk! You might also notice Drew's slicked hair.... He asked me to do his hair with gel like Daddy's for the party :) 

My second born, looking all like "I know you adore me, mom..." And I do. :) 

Showing me his ring pop! 

My lovebugs! 

I definitely don't take the time to try to get in pictures like I used to. It's just easier if I take them, and stay behind the lens. But the majority of my life is spent holding these two. So I took the extra effort, set the camera timer, and jumped in with them :) That's what most of the day actually looked like. 

Hug magnet! 

Holding his balloon, waiting by the door for daddy to come home! 

Flowers from my man! Stargazer lilies!! beautiful :) And my dad sent me pink roses. A week later, our house still smells wonderful, like a florist shop :) 

The set up for our dinner! 

Valentines Chalk board. 

After dinner we watched the movie courageous. And we cried. 

And we didn't think to take any photos of the two of us before watching a movie that would make us cry, so here's the best we got that night. I LOVE YOU SHAUN!!!! 

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  1. So cute, Jessi! What a great day. I love the photo of Drew standing by the front door : )